Mass will be in Hamilton by the end of the week

Mass will be in Hamilton by the end of the week, c'mon Ottawa, do something or you will end up in 4th place in the east next season. :x

yeah, I'd like to see them do something too.... Maas is going to be good in Hamilton. Unfortunately free agency doesn't start until the 15th of February, so the only way they can improve now is by trade. I think the first priority is re-signing Armstead, Ranek, and Banks if possible (though he's probably going to the NFL).

Anyone heard any rumblings about Casey Printers???

Casey Printers would be nice, but if he has another good season, then what would stop him from going to try out for the NFL?

Wally wants to sign him before Xmas to a long term contract. Dave maybe odd man out!

[quote="redwhite2005 Dave maybe odd man out!
Is that a rumour, or is it your opinion ? I would love to see Dickenson here. That, would be awesome.

ORR - you were right. Just confirmed today that Maas is going to be a Ticat. Well that means the Esks will be looking for their new back-up.
With Joseph heading to Sask. what are our chances of getting Printers now that I hear he's heading to play for the Texans or the Cowboys? Maybe we should try to trade for Buck Pierce in BC?
He's done well this year - good competition for Banks...

I would prefer Printers stay in BC and Dickenson get sent here. Especially if JJ is going to use the Crap and Shoot offense.

Although, I was very impressed with Buck Pierce.