Mass Vs Chang 😉

hoestley Who Care we hired coach taffe for a reason we were so happy with him being hired now your question his decison on who should start at qb

Make your input once maybe twice but leave the rest to the coach staff because are paid to make the decison and they see these player 6 Days week on a off the feild

We also brought Chang in here for a reason. I predict the fans will be letting coach Taafe know in no uncertain terms just who their favorite qb is tonight, one way or another.

I swear, you are either Chang's Dad or his You have a poster of him on your bedroom wall don't you?

:twisted: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :roll: :P :cowboy:

well after whatching Chang, i was surprised to see that although young, he did show the tallent to be a very good QB in the future.