Mass is finished in Hamilton !!!!!!

I felt very sorry for Jason Maas last night,he looked like he was going to cry on Tv when the camera showed him after being pulled,which he deserved to be.Jason has lost all of his confidence in himself and his teammates as well as his coaches and teammates have lost confidence in Jason.Please put him and the fans out of misery and let him stay on the sidelines ,say that he is hurt to save his pride but do not let him go on the field again ,he is finisshed in Hamilton,like it or not that is the reality!!!

Everyone can see he has zero time to make plays and when he does there is some other breakdown. No player on this team is having a good season under this management team. Jason should start but should not be left out to long when it gets ugly!

post 1 is correct
post 2 is foolish

No QB in Canada could win with the offensive line we have in place, the lapses in the receiver position, or the game planning/play calling aspect. I don't know how much clearer that can be.

There is no functioning context in place to win.

Oski Wee Wee,

Then lets just add Maas to list of great QB's who came to Hamilton and run out of town only to find out they could still play.
Clements, Allen, and Cavillo to name a few. Heck even D Mac looked good in Calgary the other night!

Maas on another team rigth now would be great !!! He only needs time and some decent plays to run .

That may be true but the stiff cannot throw over 10 yards with any accuracy. Thats not the OL s fault

Wow for once me and you agree :thup:

Clements - I was an argo fan at that time
Allen - I STILL don’t really care for him
Cavillo - I swam against the flow and praised him as a future star and told anyone who would listen such

BTW you missed Danny Mac who I always hated

You have expressed all the nothing you know that we don't need to know. Now, don't you have some doggy doo doo in your yard to attend to?

Actually anyone who thinks that Maas can QB ANY team has shown what he/she knows. He simply cannot toss the ball with any authority or accuracy. That dosn't mean a change in QB's will change the situation, only that Maas wouldn't benifit much from a better game plan.

Not arguing that he is 100%, let alone 85% His abdominal injury and hip pointer haven't helped.

There is no margin for error when Jason throws (or any of the backups for that matter). There is simply no separation or hitting people in space, so the opportunity to adjust to less-than-perfectly thrown balls is being contested almost all the time.

Why does Ben Cahoon make circus catches almost every game? He gets open in space, thanks to good coaching, solid instincts, and a QB who can buy time behind a great O-line.

Ask Ed Hervey or Jason Tucker if they feel Jason Maas is done.

If the context to win was in place -- a definable offensive system, understandable play progression, and a supporting cast whose execution that allowed Jason to have a chance were in place -- then it would matter re his status as the starter of this team. All I see is dysfunction here.

I'll say it again. No QB in Canada could make the environment work with the O-line play we have, the level of the receiving corps' play, and the play calling/game planning aspect. That is my measure as to whether a QB is toastable or not, yay(!) or nay.

Oski Wee Wee,

You think that Maas after throwing for 5000 yrds in 2004 and taking the Eskies to the Grey Cup last year has lost his touch... Give me a break. THe problem is coaches Lancaster has no faith in this team. PoaPoa should have being gone 3 games ago. Maas is the least of your problems.

The Ti-cats just got detroyed by a 3rd and a 4th string QB that should tell you just how bad the Ti-cats D is.

I'll say it again. No QB in Canada could make the environment work with the O-line play we have, the level of the receiving corps' play, and the play calling/game planning aspect. That is my measure as to whether a QB is toastable or not, yay(!) or nay.

I don’t think Jason has lost it either. I think he came here hurt, he was hurt, he’s been hurt more and he’s still hurt(ing). This is not the same Jason Maas that we traded for.

I’ll measure Maas’ performance under a different Offensive system. Until then…

Yes I think he has lost it. Clearly he cannot throw at this time. Can he be better next year. I have no idea since I have no clue if he's got an injury that will eventualyy heal. At this point however he cannot throw

Maas is a decent QB but he doesn’t do enough to help his own cause. The O-line is bad so he doesn’t get enough time to throw. True but he doesn’t buy himself the extra seconds needed by his receivers to get open by rolling out a bit. And he has to take some blame for throws that are off-target when he does have time and guys are open.

Bernie Faloney would have been done in 1960, Tom Clements in 1982, and Anthony Calvillo in 1997 given the revisionist logic happening here. Coaching matters: if you don't put players in a position to win, you're a glorified sandlot team without clear aspects of accountability, teaching, and correction.

We have NONE of this at the moment. C'est fini.

I agree but Maas is showing a definite physical shortcomming ON TOP of poor coaching etc.

In my last fan column, I said Jason should be shut down if he indeed has any problem needing surgery which is hampering his performance.

We're 2 and 9, and I stand by that belief.

Oski Wee Wee,

Then we agree? Maas should NOT be playing?