Mass Injuries

Chris Cuthbert was interviewed on The Fan radio station yesterday. He suggested Maas is injured more severely than it is being let on and this is the reason he is struggling. States a good qb does not get that bad in a season.
My question is this....if he is hurt that badly why are we playing him?? Why have the Cats not gone out to get another qb or use Eakin - one bad game does not end a career). The Argos shipped Bishop back, there are other qb's out there yet we sit and continue to throw Maas to the wolves and never allow him to heal. He does admit to not throwing a long ball well - injury preventing him?
And if he is not hurt then it is our offensive structure not allowing him to do what he can. And if that is the case why is Joe still here. We were confident and quick enough to pull the plug on Marshall and yet are struggles continue...maybe even worse.
The Argos have and still are hurting, the Bombers now are hurting. Our chances of taking advantage of this situation is now almost over. Management has once again failed the team. The talent is there and all around yet no one has made use or went after it. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: