Mass Holmes Ranek not to play in Black and Gold Game..

Ken Welch Said That Mass Holmes Ranek will not play in This years Black and Gold Game..

I wounder Why ?

what is black and gold game?...first pre-season game?

No it the Full Contact Scrimmage…
Tomorrow at Mac 200 to 3:30

No sense risking injuring the blue-chippers. We already know what they bring to the table.

I'm more interested in seeing anthony davis, richie williams and the gargantuans on the O-line.

its prollyfor the best we dont need mass getting his leg broke in practice, or risk anything major, its time for the new guy who are trying to make the team show there stuff. db's lb's qb' n such

This is a New Offence..
We need to get our Timming down
This is Why They Should play

Mass probly isnt playing because he looked a little banged up at practise today and didnt even run the sprints at the end.

I agree with the policy of sitting out the guys who are a shoe-in to win their spots on the roster's first string.
The purpose of this game, as I see it, is to see what our new talent can do and examine the possibilities of new players displacing people trying out for various team positions.

i think its more along the lines of determining the depth chart at this point. ie, who fits in at #2, kevin or ritchie? who's going to be our sixth and sevent DB's and whos riding the PR pine.

whether a guy like Anthony Davis sticks, or if one of the other backs can do the same for less.

etc etc

Mass hurt his shoulder somehow that is why hes not playing tomorrow..

Don’t speculate. We have enough of that already.

It’s not like those three are in danger of being cut. The team needs to find out what else they have, so it’s the smart thing to do.

Sorry typex that is not speculation that is fact Jasons shoulder is very sore... info from his teamates not speculation

How do you know for sure Mass hurt his shoulder? :roll:

the shoulder is sore not injured…from guys on the team

"Sore" could mean many things. But thanks for clarifying that you didn't mean "injured", which is the connotation the word "hurt" usually implies.

That's why I commented about speculation. :slight_smile:

fair enough typex... sore should have been used instead of hurt

No Radlin now ..

Oh Well Tomorow Well get see Kevin Ekin

oh god no, signature pictures... what is this Leafs Chat or something?

FYI: It's "Maas" :twisted: