Mass going back to Eskimos

Wow i think this is good news, i liked him better in Edmonton then Ray, should make things interesting in Edmonton once again :slight_smile:

Maybe the cleaner and fresher air out west will provide some oomph to his shoulder that showed signs of not fully recovering from injuries while in Hamilton. At least I think that was the main problem in Hamilton. :wink:

I kinda liked Lefors as the backup in Edmonton.

…Danny is Dancing with the Stars today…I can hear shouts of ‘I just want to hug him’ all the way down the QE2…

....WOW what a surprize....NOT.../true love always prevails....Danny has to be excited.. :lol: :lol:

No doubt. I can't imagine he'll be too happy about the news. I'm not even sure how I feel... At least we didn't give anything up for him.

I agree 110%.

:lol: :lol: The love affair continues! Maas will be number one sooner or later in the eyes of Machoocheee!

Maybe Dancing Danny is smarter than we all think. He'll play Ray, Maas and Lefors, each getting one quarter. Whoever the best QB is of the game to that point will get to play in the forth quarter.

Coach of the Year Candidate! :wink:

Wow that is smart sporty never thought of that.


I think they are bringing him more to help mentor the young guys, although I appreciate the humour on here :wink:

Remember Ray has had the most success with Maas backing him up.

I'm happy to see Jason back, wasn't a big fan of Lefors. I think we can say playoff spot for the green and gold in 2K8 with this move.

:lol: :lol: Hmmm that is very funny!

I'm fairly certain we didn't need Maas, unless he is doing the mentor/3rd string bit for alot less than he was payed in Hamilton. The Esks could better spend the money on a tougher O-line, so that Ray isn't taking so many vicious blows every game.

why would ANYONE want this armless bum?

jason mass signing with the esks is nothing more than a charitable donation.

Maas in Edmonton is not a bad thing. Remember, Hamilton didn't have the players around Maas. (Although the same could be said about the current Edmonton situation). If the price is right. He'll make a decent back up and tutor for Lefors.

With this signing, does that mean that Jyles will be shown the door? You Edmonton fans would know more about him than I do, do you think anyone would pick him up?

....don't tell me Popp is looking to sign another qb. MadJack ????? :lol: just kidding..

No Montreal is set, I was just wondering if anyone had any interest in this guy. We’ve got Calvillo, Brady, and we’ve just signed Joshua Harris, who I thought looked pretty good in Calgary a couple of years ago.