Mass for Allen ?(Spec Article)

Do you suppose the phone conversation would go something like this?


Adam: Hello?

Marcel: Adam, Hi it's Marcel

Adam: Marcel?.. Marcel who?

Marcel: Desjardins, Marcel Desjadins, Gm of the Tiger Cats

Adam: Oh hey how ya doing?

Marcel: Good and you?

Adam: Not to bad, once I'm done collecting all the fines that is (laughter)

Marcel: Looking forward to the next GM's meetings, your wife makes a mean trifle.

Marcel: Listen the reason I'm calling, I wonder if you wouldn't do me a HUGE favour?

Adam: What would that be?

Marcel: I wonder if you could see your way to trading me your 43yr old washed up who becomes a free agent in February, quarterback Damon Allen

Adam: Gee... I don't know, what are you offering in return?

Marcel: Well I could give you my overpaid $400,000.00 injury prone being run out of town Jason Maas AND I'll even add a box of Hamilton Tiger-Cats engraved and embossed pencils.

I know it's asking a lot of you but I'm kind of in a pickle here, what with fans expecting a winning season next year.

Adam: (silence)Gee Marcel I'd really like to help you out but I'm kind of busy right now with a few other things that need my attention right away. Can I get back to you?

Marcel: That's fine.. any idea when?

Adam: Tell ya what.. let me finish off these other pressing matters and I'll get back to you by say January 31st at 11:58pm

Marcel: Man that's awesome Adam, I know we are your arch rivals but I appreciate you thinking about this, you take care now

Adam: You to Mitchel, have a good day now

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I would rather the Ti-Cats bring back Bernie Custis to quarterback.

That's so crazy..that it just might work!...NOT!

Yeah! That's retarted man!

That's slightly smarter than the trade Peters seems to want. Slightly. :wink:

Williams is untouchable for now IMO. The guy's worth a better look.

I think the Argos will hold onto Bishop like grim death anyway.

I was going to re-enact the "World's Funniest Joke" sketch from Monty Python after reading that, but I do not want to be found dead from laughter in the fetal position... :wink:


Oski Wee Wee,

I did not not read that article, but I'm sure it was almost as funny as that that "phone conversation." Yes, although some might have got some laughs from that article, that satirical look at it was a good one. Thanks.

I was going to re-enact the "World's Funniest Joke" sketch from Monty Python after reading that, but I do not want to be found dead from laughter in the fetal position...
You know, if that article is as funny as I think it is, we could do something similar to what was done in that sketch. We could send that article to teams from around the league prior to games versus the Ticats, and they'd laugh so hard at that...

But then the CFL would likely make a rule against this kind of "joke warfare."