Mass for Allen ?(Spec Article)

I read this in the spec today. If this were to happen this in my opinion is the dumbest move the new GM will make. I already question some of his moves already but this would take the cake. He wants to build a successful team but bring in players at the end of their careers (and yes folks Damon's career is over).
I hope Ken Peters wrote this article as a joke.

Here is the article:

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Stop it right $%^)*( now.

Clearly a lame bid to upstage my famous QB threads :roll: ......nice try Peters! ...busted! :lol: :twisted:

If the argos throw in about 5 more players ,then maybe, otherwise if it were to happen cancel my season tickets now!!

In the end the 'Cats would get a proven starter to help with rebuilding
Yup, that would sure be a good move. Start a rebuilding program around a 43 year old. I don't know how the rest of us could be so blind. :D

This just proves one thing: print media guys, and I love 'em really, will print anything to try and keep up with the big TV boys. But this is ok, makes for some great reading between games and during the off season I will admit.

Print is fun but video/audio is where the action is as they say.

Fantastic idea! How about we get McManus back too, Daman and Danny, the Double-D duo.

Now, they could really pack a one-two punch. Only one problem, does the CFL consider walkers/canes as legal football protective equipment?


What kind of a journalist writes an article suggesting that an outlandish trade might happen, only to end the article by suggesting that it probably won't happen?

Ink stained wretch.

I would trade for MBishop in a heartbeat while he is still under valued and a deal due to being "inconsistent",I'd get him then you people could critise me all you want,like I care.Wait til the first games and watch that long bomb arm ,I've always liked Bishop,but agree he didn;t get it with his previous OC ,it just didn't work.
I don't know about now though ,they've maybe simplified the offence and I hope we get him if the Argos grab up a proven starter over Bishop.

Maas for Allen??? ...a mighty ridiculous notion.

How about... Williams and the rights to Eakin and a next year draft pick, for Bishop?

Come to think of it, our GM couldn't comment specifically on which active players he wants yeah, it was sort of a wasted topic in that article....

It's Grey Cup week.....maybe Ken should work at digging up some neat stuff on that topic sometime this week.

It's probably not the best week to be stirring up ficticious trade rumours when the League would benefit if all the focus goes on to the Grey Cup.

C'mon Ken, get off your butt and get out on the street and get some real stories. :lol:

ken peters was under pressure to fill his slot for the spec and just fabricated a stupid story for his article

Pure baloney.

Another reason why the Spec is losing me.

thats retarted. no way would i take allen over maas, thats insane. hes to old man

The Spectator should consider replacing Ken Peters. Clearly this guy is so out of touch with sports he can't even find a good story to write about. The down slope for Allen is increasing each year. I even questioned the Argos when the signed he originally.

Ohhh, I get it now. Here I thought this thread was about a Catholic church service for Damon Allen. :wink:

I would love to see the Cats get Eric Crouch as a backup next season . The guy can scramble and has a good arm .

Keep your mitts off Crouch!! From what I've seen of him this season, I think he's got the potential to be a good CFL QB. One guy that I'm surprised hasn't turned up in the CFL is Timmy Chang (U of Hawaii). All-time NCAA passing yards record. He was the last cut of the Steelers this season. Maybe a bit small for the NFL but tailor made for the CFL.

An Argo fan

Possibly the GM is putting out feelers to see what interest there is around the league for trading for Maas. The Ken Peters "heard" about it from a media colleague in another CFL city.

Or, maybe Toronto has been putting out, or is puting out, feelers about trading Damon or "retiring" him, or qcquiring Maas. Again, Ken Peters "heard" about this, etc.
Possibly I am putting out "feelers" to the forum at large, or specifically to those who look for conspiracies, etc. I certainly have no evidence that there is any such intent from either Hamilton or Toronto.