Perhaps the worst Tiger Cat quarterback dual of all time. Get rid of these clowns ASAP.

Both of these guys have brought absolutley nothing to table at all this year. Eakin laughs and jokes with the other team players and Mass has this how the *&^% did this happen look on his face when he makes a stupid passing decision.

I think the entire fan population either
a) agrees or
b) is too scared to send them packing becauase we have no one else.

personally, I'd like to see williams start. I'll say it again- we have NOTHING to lose. I don't think it can get worse than no touchdowns in 4 home games.

The worst duo ever !
Are you kidding?
You must not remember Eckman and Manel.
Or how about Zugar and Wally Gabler.

I am a Tiger-Cat fan since about 40 years ΒΈ
and will always be.

But this year looked promissing for the team
but what big disaster. We are now ready
only for 2007.
I believe Eakin should be let go. The team
needs a good 2nd QB like Buck Pierce in BC
A lot of work has to be done; otherwise
next years season tickets will be a hard sell
This is business, not a joke. the defensive backs have to be reinforced. By the way were
did Chris Shelling go as he was very good

We are definitly having a QB crisis!
I totally agree starting Williams next game, although I doubt that would ever happen.
Give Williams the whole never know he could turn out to be another Printers.

I believe Henley26 makes a truly excellent point.

Kevin Eakin has done virtually nothing, shown nothing and is taking us nowhere.

If Lancaster will not play him, why does the team hold him? If he is "bait" in a dispersal draft, then some team will plainly be anxious to trade for him, and perhaps we could flush out the OLine.

Likewise I believe we are completely "overstocked" in receivers that cannot learn the system, or run the routes, or make the catches.

I "forgive" Mike Morreale how he got underthrown , and congratulate the effort, but why did he get pulled after such effort?

We need a new HC and a proper OC, and we better be ready to live with our backup QB when Maass falters.

Would somebody teach these guys how to tuck the ball in if they are going to run with it?

Or just drop a knee and retain possession?

This crap just burns me up...

Eakin is a good QB if he plays in a system that isnt doomed from the beginning of the game...did anyone hear aubrey cummings on the 5th quarter...he said paopaos offence stinks and is only designed around 1 reciever on any given play so the other 3 are basically doin nothing, he said the best thing the ticats did was fireing paopao...but the worst thing they did was hireing why dont we keep all three QB's since this season is a wash and let them all duke it out next season in training camp with a even playing ground and see who comes out on top

Played with Ottawa last year. I don't think he is playing this year.

get rid of both do you now how many QB's were cut by NFL teams that are just dieing to play some where