Mass And Holmes..?

Someone told me that Riders might be trading Joseph and Armstead to Hamilton for Holmes and Mass.. Is this just a rumour or is their actually talk about this? :? Let me know if you heard anything.. I think that would be an awsome trade on the riders part :smiley: :thup:

well ithink that sucks cause i was thinking that armstead would have a good year coming up

I myself think its too early after just one season of a team bonding to trade two of your stars only to throw off the balance again with two totally new players, a healthy running joseph i feel is important to his success and I myself wouldnt mind seeing holmes come back to the green and white to give us that one two punch but i also am still a fan of KK, and if he can play like he did the final six regular season games all year he is in contention to de-crown Sir charles. Shemar Bracey showed he can be used as a north south back with some speed too so in my opinion armstead and joseph along with all the other offence were still learning the systems, along with maas and holmes in hamilton they all were just learning eachothers tendancies and instead of shaking things up again see how they respond next season and hopefully next year with some upgrades and a some new coaching we will be a better team

Thats not happening. 1st of all Tillman wouldnt trade Armstead and/or KJ because they are his babies from Ottawa... 2ndly would you want to go thru another year of a 1st year QB in the Riders' system? And lastly, I love Corey Holmes, do not get me wrong, but he is 31 i believe. RBs unfortuantly dont seem to last much longer than that..

That trade seems unlikely.
At least I hope that is the case.
Maas is a bum and I don’t want the statistically worst QB in the league (starters). Thanks, but no thanks.
I love Corey as much as most Rider fans, but Hamilton made a big deal out of signing him --the first real accomplishment for Desjardin–so I can’t see why they would turn around and trade him.
So while anything is possible, I think this rumour is a mirage.

I might add, who is your source?
No way Tillman makes any blockbuster trades before signing a coach.

[quote=“jman_135”]Thats not happening. 1st of all Tillman wouldnt trade Armstead and/or KJ because they are his babies from Ottawa… 2ndly would you want to go thru another year of a 1st year QB in the Riders’ system?
with the possibility of a new coaching staff comes a new offensive and defensive system ? ? ? ?
may as well start with a new GB im not shure that Joseph is worth the money i heard 400,000 next year
Im not a Joseph fan ! ! ! !

I dont really care whether you like KJ or not. He is a capaple QB, and nowadays you are not gonna get a solid QB for much less, even with the new Cap.

The question is, if not KJ, then who?
If you can’t answer that, then realize he will be here next year. And I’ll take KJ over No Maas any day of the week.

Joseph needs to prove himself still.... He hasn't made me confident in him yet.

But the potential is there. And the thing people overlook is, that despite his age, he was the most inexperienced starting QB in the league this year.

But the potential is there. And the thing people overlook is, that despite his age, he was the most inexperienced starting QB in the league this year.

at 33 years of age time is running out to develop a QB who is getting experienced starting QB sallary
why is it that we cant develop our own QB ? ? ? ? ?
Rocky Butler has been 3rd string to long ? ? ? ?
and for the sallary difference Marcus Crandell is just as good as KJ

is Printers is avvailable and he will sign for KJs sallary

Good points, Bowl (if that is your real name!).
Part of the problem historically in developing a QB, has been a lack of cash to attract any name QBs coming out of college.
That said, Tillmam promises us QBs....

As for KJ, yes, at his age, his time to become a good QB will be shorter than most. But age wise he is similar to Maas or Burris and as he has less experience, he has a better upside.
Plus just on pure athletic ability, you can see the potential.
I am not a big Crandell fan.
I think he has repeatedly proven he is a good back-up, but not a consistant starter.
People talk about his Grey Cup appearance, but overlook the fact that Calgary was only 8-10 that year, and sad but true, only 4-10 without games against a poor Rider team.
And that was his best, by far, year.
I like Rocky. He took a few strides forward this year, and maybe in the next year or two he will pay dividends.
But QBs develop at different speeds. Cavillo was a bum, washed up at 28, but then found a home in Montreal.
Burris at 25 looked like a world beater.
Now at 31, people are still waiting for him to get better.
As for Casey? If he is available, I am sure the Riders will talk to him.
But right now, he is under contract to the KC Chiefs, and will be for the foreseable future.

I think if Butler had more playing time,he could have developed into a better QB. That is one of the failings of Shivers. He could find talent, but you have to develop that talent. He didnt do that with Butler, who held a clipboard for most of the 5 seasons he has been here. He needs to get into some games, either meaningless games or games where the Riders are winning big or losing big to see what he can actually do, and that just hasnt been done. It didnt matter who the #1 and #2 QBs where ahead of him, he just did not get playing time. You really cant judge just how good or bad he really is, because the games he did play were a Labour Day game against a mediocre Bomber squad , and two games against the Ti-Cats, a team that had little talent and direction last season.

Id Trade Maas for a bag of balls. You guys can have him for all i care. Better chances for us Ticats

Hell I would trade him for a bag of hammers.

I wouldnt even trade him, i would just him give him away!

I would like to see Calvillo. The papers were ripping him after yet another Grey Cup failure and I wonder if he is wearing out his welcome in Montreal? Sure he is getting up there in age, but BC also wrote off Damon Allen 3 years ago and look what he continues to do. Sure Calvillo tends to blow it in the Grey Cup, but I would be quite happy if he could lead the Riders to as many Grey Cup berths as he has with Montreal the last 5 or 6 years.

Like thats gonna happen…

True enough, they all were not 'settled in'... But bring in Coach Austin, and the philosophy WILL change... so i dont think it matters whos behind center in that regards.. I like Mass more than Joseph however with the ammount of Broken plays I think maybe next year, I'll take Josephs scampering over Maas's

How is it a good deal on our part? Kerry joseph is good and armstead is good too Maas is frustrating and is having a hard time throwing touchdowns as for corey holmes he used to be good when he was will Green and white but went dead during his season in hamilton so no I dont think Eric Tillman Is That stupid.