Masoli's leash

How long until you pull the Johnny alarm?

Hopefully never.....

Really after one game? Our defense sucked. Mitchell miss a ton of open throws that would have the score really lopsided if he’d hit his open receivers.

Glanville did not impress me with his calls.

Still we only scored 14 points. That's on the QB.

How long?

Evaluate after 4 weeks

It's a team game so it can't be all on the QB.

Team kept going to the failed pass to the flats that was only gaining less than 5 yards per try. Calgary was having better success with a similar play but play calling is on the offensive co-ordinator. I doubt they were audibles.

No TiCat screen passes to keep the Stamps D honest that I can recall. Again, a play calling decision.

Unfortunately as per past years, the opposing team made successful halftime adjustments (especially on defence), we didn't as our offence stalled and didn't adjust to Calgary changes.

So, other than the late interception, all on the QB Masoli, there were many other issues that resulted in only 14 points being scored... IMO.

We need one of either Green or White back at RB & Tolliver at receiver to help the offence.

Masoli has been around long enough to know to throw that ball away, that pick is all on him.

However, I don't believe he loses the starter's job anytime soon. Manziel only has preseason reps, that's not enough to just walk in & start.

Didn't say its ALL on the QB - but when people around here throw around Collaros' losing streak every chance they get you have to be fair. Masoli is now 0-1.

Having said that i'm with you, its definitely a team game. Lots of areas to improve, however QB IS one of them whether or not people want to agree with it or talk about it. People are welcome to start threads on screen passes, defensive adjustments, etc. The threads being discussed right now are about QB play. This was not a great wasted effort by a QB, it was a decent effort but nowhere near where we need him to be to win consistently.

His leash is fairly long, due to June's loyalty to the guy, plus Manziel still not being where he needs to be.

But by week 5...I think if the play Jeremiah doesn't vastly improve, you will see the switch.

It's the get it done league. Last night's effort wasn't good enough form our starter.

A rookie QB in his first game put up 30 points against the ESKS last week. Masoli needs to do better than that.

Well said Hendy. I feel the same.

I'd imagine the leash will be fairly liquid here. If he plays well and goes 1-4, Jones will probably take the QofC into account and extend a bit.

If we're going 3-2 but the defense is scoring 20 points a game and masoli is still making making sloppy decisions or putting up multiple turnovers a game a switch is probably coming.

My best guess is that 2 wins in the first 5 games will see Masoli keep going for another 4.

12 losses in a row seems to be the going rate.

  1. Good one stevehvh !!! :wink: :wink: And how true !!

The old, pre-Manziel rate you mean

Love how last year 0-9 was the final straw to blow up the organization from owner down.... Now it's the measuring stick to accept mediocre QB play.

Masoli should be ok until we play the eastern teams. If he does well against the western teams we won't likely see JF unless there is a blow out or injury. In away I would like to see JF go against the Esk's to see if this hype is worth it as he hasn't even played a regular CFL game. Then again I want the win so the best option I believe is Mazoli. LGTC's

Good point Probey! Masoli is our best chance to win for now.

I was out-of-town, have not seen the game, but read the game stats on the Ti-Cat website. Looks to me like Jeremiah out-played Bo Levi on the stats page. Apparently stats do lie, as the Cats still lost.

If Jeremiah’s game was as bad as the posts are seemingly indicating, whats with Mitchell? I’m curious to see how the stats advantage still resulted in a loss, although, as the saying goes, the only stat that really matters is the final score.

Were Bob Young and Scott Mitchell fired last year? I must have missed it.