Theres your Masoli

Really? Couldn’t think of any other thread to post this in?

You mean the one that certain Advocates claimed back in 2015 was God's Gift to quarterbacking,

His resume speaks for itself, he's a a system quarterback going beyond his reach in a June Jones system.

Hey who else is a June Jones system quarterback?

somebody that's won the Heisman Trophy award but what is that shiny thing all about?

This salvaged my crummy night. ;D


Ellllllliiiiiittttteeee. So much so he waits until the statistical odds are against him.

After 7 seasons and 27 starts this is the best we got. We're stuck with this mediocrity.

Can we get a couple more Masoli threads?
It is too easy just following the 3 of them

You mean the one that hasn't done a thing worth mentioning since the Heisman Trophy and is STILL living off a win over Alabama in 2012?

Heisman? 5 years ago? The same one that cfl qb greats tim couch and troy smith won? Well damn you got a strong argument.

Thenputhim in a real game before your opinion. Only one of us will ultimately prevail. The 7 year project, or the new gun.

Yeah because Masoli is the only guy on the field that is not allowed to make a mistake. He played two great games previously and all of a sudden forgot what to do. Could it be that Chris Jones studied the film of the Cats offence and figured out how to reduce its' effectiveness? Could it be that June Jones did not adequately adjust his playcalling in order to alleviate the Riders pressure packages? Thereby not putting his QB and offence in a position to succeed. Big picture stuff to think about.

FFS yeah his first shitty 300 yard passing game with shit handed to him from garbage special teams and here's someone to throw him under the bus.

Could it be that he's just inconsistent? Could it be that he's just Kevin Glenn?

I'm happy with J Masoli , there is your offence with a few weakfish receivers at the moment and a Veteran running back finding their legs on one Prairie night against a strong home field Defence with a rabid intoxicated fan base having fun.....Entertainment CFL style....
Hope Speedy runs the correct way next game on kick returns (-15yards! on one return not OK)
2 & 2 record after four ....
Take a week off....

I think what happened last night was just the Riders doing a good job taking the running game away from the Ticats. It made the Ticats unidimensional. Otherwise, Hamilton played a solid game, few penalties and few mistakes but the ones taken/made the Riders took full advantage of.

I bet he uses a private email server for work, too!

Yeah, just another lousy 300 yard passing game by our quarterback who now stands beside Sam Etcheverry, probably the best pure passer in CFL history. Congrats to Jeremiah and we're on to meeting Sask in our home. I'd prefer to say "We're on to Cincinnati" but they're not on our schedule this year.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Itz never Masoli’s fault BUT Zack? It was always his fault!

It is Mazolis fault. Hes just a backup. The game was his to win, not the soldiers, the general. He didnt put the ball in the endzone and it allowed Sask to eke out the win.