I really dont like identifying individual players when the collapse is so total


Can someone please tell me why this person is still playing for us

in between fumbles and interceptions and failed third down attempts

surely Old Miss cant be that essential to Kent Austin

perhaps we should call the team that Kent has assembled


If Austin can't see that Masoli brings nothing to the team then he should be looking for a different career!

I don't know why Austin is keeping Masoli around, Cut him, he can't hold on to the ball, he's had six fumbles so far this year and he can't run a short down yardage, at least when we had Quinton Porter short yards and TD runs were a sure thing, not with Masoli, get rid of him.

Yes, I agree get rid od Masoli, and since we're at it get rid of Brandon Stewart...all he is a hothead , keeps getting so many objectionable conduct penalties.....

True he is NOT working out for us :thdn:

This happens when you mix up loyalty and talent. This one of Austin's major decision making flaws....judging talent and keeping worthless players on the active rooster.

I have not relationship - no loyalty. Time to go. Not getting what he was brought in to do (unless there is a secret plan!)

The Oline is not getting a big push also !!!!

O lines don't fumble or throw interceptions ...let's face it ..a fireplug turned on its side should be able to make a yard...Maslow should be cut.. Poor caretaker doesn't deserve this

Masoli doesn't belong on the Cats or any CFL IMHO. I'm sure he's likeable and had a great college career but he's over his head now in the CFL I would say. The O-line pushes for someone they respect, it's not all that skilled to push back a defensive line for less then a yard when the d has to give a yard. It's push and you don't push because you don't respect the qb. Masoli, gonzo, the team doesn't respect the guy.

Not just players like Mazola hands but brutal Offensive Coordinators also. Condell is outclassed by everyone in the league. Even Dinwiddie. :cowboy:

Agree Krisiun.

I sadly couldn't find a gif of this, but this is how I feel about Masoli right now.

With LeFevour gone for the season, Masoli is the only guy behind Collaros who has been working the offense since training camp (and longer, actually, since he was around last year). If Collaros were to sustain another injury, Masoli is the only guy in the league at this point (other than Burris) who could be expected to step in and operate Hamilton's offense.

And beyond that, people generally try to learn from their mistakes. The fact that Masoli has made some mistakes this year doesn't mean he's congenitally incapable of executing.

I disagree, Stephen McGee has been here since last year, he understands the play book and is our third string currently, so frankly if we got rid of Masoli which we should, we have McGee who can step in and Austin should give McGee the opportunity now to perform. As a replacement for Masoli, Austin should bring in QB Mathews or someone else or move Jacory Harris up the ladder and give Harris a shot, we have seen enough of Butterfinger Masoli to last a few seasons time to give McGee a shot or someone else!

Hmmmm... The guy gets no first team reps, for all of his time with the team last year but for one game he held a clip board, he played very well in the pre-season and got a shot to start in some games, with the limited training camp reps of a third stringer, and with a team that was vastly under performing compared to more recent quality of play, he's in for a play that REQUIRES that he follow the surge of his o-line and they don't get that surge and he is to blame? Maybe, just maybe you are choosing to ignore all of the good plays he has made and your focus on the bad has skewed your view, but it seems to me that if he was as bad as you think he is, he wouldn't even be in a pro program. If he gets cast out now and Collaros gets injured again, now MaGee is your new scapegoat because he will have all of the hurdles mentioned above that have faced Masoli. Change for the sake of change is not a great idea. The coaching staff have watched Masoli day in and day out and have a better idea of his quality as a player than we, watchers of a sixty minute snap shot in time can ever have.

Hmmmmmm...he's in for a play that REQUIRES that he gets less than a yard,when the line of scrimmage is a full yard apart,realistically not that complicated to do for most QB's not named Masoli. The success ratio of this play in this league when you have a full yard advantage on the D-Line has got to be at least 99.999999999%. IMO 100% the fault of the QB here.IMO if it wasn't for a generous spot on the first gamble,he would've been 0 for 2 in this situation in the game,which isn't acceptable when that's basically all your asked to do all game.I'm surprised that he doesn't drop his clipboard when he's on the sidelines,he isn't nor will he ever be a starting QB in this league and like I said earlier he is barely inadequate as a reliable 2nd stringer,and if as you say he should be in a pro program,then let him wear his ball cap and carry his clipboard because that is all that he is good for

Maybe,just maybe you are choosing to ignore ALL THE GOOD PLAYS he has made......Oh really ???? One question........What good plays ????? The ball's in your court,here's my question to at least 5 good plays that you can remember this plug of a QB having for us this year ? ps I already posted in another thread his lovely stats from this year,you can find them here on this thread below if you need a reference for your 5 good plays from Masoli highlight reel.


The game that he ran against MTL last year. Way more than 5 good plays. But that's okay. Haters gotta hate.

LOL If you read my entire post I said 5 GOOD PLAYS from this season,not the one game he got into last season :lol:
As for Haters got to hate......seriously :lol: That's the best you got :roll: .....I apologize if I justify what I said with cold hard facts,you can candy coat and spin doctor it anyway you like but it is what it is. What ? do you think I made up his stats ? face it the guy isn't that good,and his stats and his play bare this point out. It's that Simple,nothing to do with hate,at all. :slight_smile:

Just for fun, re-read my post about the conditions under which Masoli has had his starts, and then decide whether the use of statistics is an accurate indication of the skill, ability and play of any single player. Keeping in mind that football is a team sport.

Secondly, your opinion on whether a player is good enough or not is not "cold hard facts."

As for the 5 good plays "this season," when I have time, I'll take a look and I can almost guarantee that he's made 5 good plays. But who gets to decide what a "good play" is? I would say throwing away a ball to avoid a sack is a good play when, by your standard, that is an incomplete pass on his stats and exerts negative pressure on his completion percentage, which you have quoted as poor. That may not be an indication of Masoli's play but on the failure of his receivers to get open or his line to block appropriately for the called play. See how the play of the rest of the team can impact an individual player's stats? But, I digress. 5 good plays it is.