Masoli: Torn ACL

Hopefully he can make a full recovery around this time next year.

Talk about Deja vu.

Unfortunate and devastating news. :frowning:

Poop. Why does it always happen when we’re doing so good? Hard to believe it’s happened to our No 1 QB AGAIN!!

2015 all over again? Heavy grey cup favourites until our starting qb goes down for the year? I swear the football gods crap on this team every chance they get. Hopefully dane can get it together and quickly. He didnt look horrible against a good bomber defense, alot of drops by banks and tasker that were drive killers.

All TiCat QBs should be mandated to wear protective knee braces

Very sad news

Knee brace wouldn’t prevent that injury. And I believe he was wearing one.

Another tough break for the Tiger Cats. The football gods always throw a wrench at them when the team is doing well. Question, do the Tiger Cats bring in a “third” quarterback now there are two left on the roster, Moore and Evans? Jeff Mathews and Drew Willy are veterans who are currently out of work.

So sad for a very nice young guy with a young family.

On the football side Dane has potential and some time but wow.

My two cents,


It’s Dane’s team now. Let’s get behind him.

He’s not deceased, he just needs his knee re-attached. He’ll be back, he’s very disciplined.

This is strange…I have had a torn “anterior cruciate ligament” and I couldn’t walk or put any weight whatsoever on it…I have also had extreme stretched ligaments…could walk & put weight on the knee.The stretched ones took a few weeks but the torn one almost 5 months. I must have been seeing things but I was sure he was walking around with only a brace on it during the game.Like Collaros it’s better to trade him soon…and he did it to himself…really!


Saw a UFC fight last week where the guy fought for five rounds with a torn ACL. Fell a few times but every injury is different.

A partial tear is probably what he has and there is still no way he would be back this season.

Man, I feel so bad for him. Get well soon, #8.

On another topic, I don’t believe in curses, but…damn.

Very Sad news. Hope Jeremiah makes a speedy recovery. If it was the turf that’s to blame, any cost to replace it would have been worth it. Maybe we should have hung on to Vernon Adams as a backup, seeing how well he’s doing in Mtl.

Collaros walked off the field.

Don’t think it was the knee that prompted the Collaros release. I think it was more the high price of his contract for his perceived contribution to the club.

He is a FA after this season, IMHO start negotiations now

he did it to himself…really! What a dick thing to say. :-[

He looked pretty good running those 25 yards into the endzone for that TD, 5 minutes earlier

All the best to you Jeremiah! I hope to see you back in Tiger-Cat colours, and on the field as our starting QB. Sometimes life just sucks the pleasure out of itself.