Masoli to start in CGY

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Coach Austin says Jeremiah Masoli will be the #Ticats starting quarterback this week. #CFL

I would think that LeFevour would get some plays too

I like Masoli. He can scramble, create plays with his elusiveness, has a strong arm, and isn't distracted by the pass rush. If he can avoid turnovers, I like our chances with him in there.


I like what he brings to the table, but he's green, of that there is no question. Not going down, throwing that pick, and running almost exclusively his wildcat offense last year (which was a limited play-set) are all things that must be pointed out in regards to Masoli

I'm not expecting a win in Calgary, I'm expecting a good showing and proof of progress.

good luck. its tough to ask for a win in this situation but we really need one.

as a side note. who do you guys think is the better scrambler. LeFevour or Masoli?

Well I for one can’t answer that; haven’t seen enough of either to express any opinion.

Yes to both. Yes the Cats really need a win, and yes it’s going to be real tough getting a win in Calgary against a team that appears to be firing on all cylinders right now, which the Cats certainly have not been.

That was definitely true for him coming off the bench, due to a lack of first-team reps during practice. With more reps comes more plays and a better “feel” with the receivers.

I like Masoli as well. He has been successful wherever he has been and agree that the problems he had were based a lot on a game plan and snaps went to another QB. He looked very comfortable out there and with a week of first team snaps and a game plan tweeked to suit him.
Lefevour just is not as good overall. Now could/should they add lefevour back into the game plan with the Wild Cat package would certainly be something that has and would be effective.
Calgary probably should be ready to stop Masoli from running. That should be part of the offense with him in there as well.

Thanks for this thread. Only one of the top five that have anything to do with football!

I blame Masoli for the stadium being late, the grey seats in it and that it’s not at Confederation Park. :wink:

This is Masoli's time to shine, that being said the O-line will have to have a superb day for the Ticats to win this game, if you watched the Argos-Stamps game on the weekend you will know that Calgary's front four are a talented bunch and will bring pressure all day.

I have to disagree with starting Masoli. Coach Austin has indicated that both are good and close in talent but LeFevour showed he could perform during last season. He came in with his set packages and performed well. Because of this experience and past history, I think he deserved the start against Calgary. If he falls short, then bring in Masoli, seeing as the coach views them as almost equal. This way you can compare under game conditions.
Austin has stated that at this point the goal is to win games, in my opinion, I think Dan gives us the best chance of that until he proves otherwise.

I thought Masoli looked more composed than LaFevour in the Edmonton game, and was moving the ball better. Both had interceptions, but at least Masoli’s was on an actual pass; LaFevour’s was on a very poor attempt to throw the ball out of bounds. And Masoli’s fumble? I suspect that the review official had trouble deciding whether Masoli’s forward progress had been stopped before the ball was stripped - hope he did, anyway - maybe one of those cases of insufficient evidence to overturn the on-field ruling?

Anyway, I think starting Masoli is the right decision. And as you say, Austin could always replace him with the other QB if he isn’t producing. I suspect that both guys will get a fair number of reps this week at practice.

Like Drew Will, Masoli seems to have the intangibles that don't show up on stat sheets like the pocket presence that will help the Oline. Masoli is in his third CFL season like Willy, Mitchel, Lefevour, and Harris. His pitfall is his less than 6'0 size that has gotten him overlooked. If Fantuz and/or Ellingson can practice all week and play and Gable be a bigger part of the offense Masoli will have the smarts to use them and his legs

Agree with the last two posters. Masoli's stats were awful last week, but mostly due to some throws that were off target, rather than thrown to the wrong target. I was pretty impressed with him before the fumbles. He showed he has the intangibles and despite the bad stats, he had actually built our team a pretty comfortable lead. Of course, he also threw the game away all by himself, but in assessing a player's potential, fumbles are a physical error that I can excuse from an inexperienced QB, that awful throw by LeFevour to nowhere land was just plain dumb, and that I cannot excuse.

Honestly when LeFevour's been called on to play as a regular QB - and not as part of a special wildcat package - he's looked pretty bad, IMO. I knew things would just get worse once Austin pulled Masoli. LeFevour's been an asset as a special tool but I'm just not confident with him as our starting QB at all.

That was Trevor Harris I was referring to in speaking that he and Collaros are also both entering there third year when spealing of that class of QBs that are entering there 3rd full season in the CFL.
Unless something goes drastically wrong both Willy and Mitchel got their starting jobs this season and all signs look good. Collaros has not looked good as a starter so far. Masoli will be getting his shot. Trevor Harris in Toronto who did not get the call last year but still being in line with the others for potentially having it from what he has done so far. Lefevour does not seem to have the arm strength and it showed in the little he got to play QB last year in the offense and lost out to Masolli in pre season.
Out of the group Collaros and Mitchel came to the CFL a year after being in the NCAA.

Run Masoli run , Wildcat :rockin: good option to have when your O-Line stinks

Sounds a lot like the offensive line.

I kid, I kid.

I thought Masoli looked pretty good last game, despite the low completion percentage and fumbles. I’ll chalk those up to the jitters. A bye week and full week of preparation as the starter should help clear those up.

Looking forward to Friday!

as much as Love to see a win

I have no faith in that 0-line made of Swiss Cheese

I just see us going to 0-3 maybe next week vs ottawa at Mac well get our 1st win.

It don’t matter who we start at QB if he always being Pressured or he on his back.

Till our O-line gets better where vulnerable

I hope you’re right. Drew edwards reported Lefevour’s 9 yd per completion average like it was a bad thing. but, if I had a QB that could reliably get me 9 yards and protect the ball (re: Masoli Fumbles x2) i’d be pretty happy. and i like lefevour’s pocket presence and exceleration when he pulls the ball down, more than Masoli.

the 30% completion rate really bothers me. but i guess the thought is high risk, high reward, untill either collaros is healthy, or Masoli earns a starters job.

then again, Kent’s personnel decisions helped us to the cup last year so who am i to judge?