Masoli Thread (2019)

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Awesome a new thread for bashing, name calling, know it all posts and derogatory finger pointing. Can’t wait for this to heat up. Oh wait it already has.

Hey Mike…
2 guys decided to rough it up. The rest of us are having some fun with the memes of the past year. Smile, my friend. All the best!


  1. So, who do you think will be our new GM ?? :wink:

If it’s someone I didn’t already pick I’m boycotting… i mean some of us here have daughters

Glasone. You had me until you used Jones and focus in same sentence!

yeah, somehow I just cant picture Jones driving a focus either

1st order of business for our new GM…EXTEND Masoli or else Tillman will look to acquire him for the third time.

? #QBelite #realfan !

Ha! Should have left well enough alone. All the best to you jokers in 2019!

And with that admission and salutation mayhap the thread is finally interred. :slight_smile:

The best to you to GCF.

This is one very important position our team is in good shape. :slight_smile:

Other teams, not so much.

David William Naylor?Verified account
3m3 minutes ago
Here we are in second week of January and it’s possible that 6/9 CFL teams could be in the market for an experienced QB. Only Mtl, Ham and Wpg appear settled in that regard.

Could SSK break the bank and go after Trevor Harris ??
Desjardins is a known cheapskate

The numbers would seem to work out in favour of the players. Here’s how I would categorize the available QBs:

  1. Proven, experienced QBs who are free agents and still in their prime: Reilly, Harris

  2. Experienced QB’s who may be too damaged or too old to be a designated starter: Glenn, Ray, Lulay, Collaros.

  3. Experienced QBs who have never quite proven themselves over a sustained period: Jennings, Bridge, Willy.

  4. Not available (already under contract): Masoli, Montreal’s hodge-podge, Nichols, Franklin & MacBeth in TOR. Throw in BLM if he tries the NFL.

Yeah Montreal is set to dominate. ;D

Actually with all of the turmoil and growing pains many teams might have this year establishing new QBs, this year is the perfect opportunity for the Cats to make a deep run. Even by establishing a strong defence they may be able to feast on unsettled opposing QBs since it usually takes at leasta couple of seasons for new offences to click. At least 5 or 6 teams this year might be a complete gong show.

It could be our year. :slight_smile:

Could SSK break the bank and go after Trevor Harris ?? Desjardins is a known cheapskate
[b][url=][b]David William Naylor[/b]?Verified account[/url][/b] @TSNDaveNaylor [b]At the end of the season, there seemed a sense that Trevor Harris and Redblacks might get something done pretty quickly and easily. Doesn’t sound like that right now. With a month to go until free agency, GM Marcel Desjardins says talks continue but nothing imminent.[url=]#CFL[/url][/b] 8:49 AM - 9 Jan 2019

We can still add Bo Levi Mitchell to line #1

Surely Ricky Ray will hang up the spikes!! If he decides to stay in the game, I can only see him as moving into coaching.

Actually, Montreal has a group down there who might be attractive as trades? Maybe not all starters, but certainly some back-ups and maybe some “have a look-see” guys?

TICATS HAVE AN EDGE: With many of the CFL’s top quarterbacks potentially free agents, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have Jeremiah Masoli, a candidate for the league’s Most Outstanding Player in 2018, signed. Said Ticats senior director of personnel and co-manager of football operations Shawn Burke: “Obviously you can’t win without a quarterback in this league. We made a commitment to Jeremiah and he made a commitment to us. When you talk about free agency coming up, we’re one of the teams that doesn’t have to discuss that position group.? Added head coach Orlondo Steinauer: “It feels good to have Jeremiah under contract – not just because of the stats he put up, but he’s a great guy, a great leader. Obviously, his physical skills speak for themselves. He’s not a satisfied guy. That’s how he’s built. I’ve had text conversations with him already, he’s fired up and wishes the season could start. He has a desire to be great. And bigger than that, he has a desire to win a Grey Cup – he wants to be a champion. Does he want to be great? Of course. But he wants to win a championship.?

The Tiger-Cats would also love to bring back receiver Speedy Banks, who was also in the conversation for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player award until suffering a broken clavicle late in the season against the Redblacks. Said Burke: “Brandon over the past season and a half has been a great receiver. I think there’s a lot of trust built between Brandon and us. I’m very optimistic we can work toward keeping him in the Ticat black and gold.?

We are in an admirable position compared to most teams right now in regards to the QB position. Not only with a potential MOP QB in Masoli but also with Dane Evans in the backup role who showed last year that he has a CFL arm.

Now if our new GMs are able to sign up the right supporting cast then we should be in for one hell of an exciting season.