Masoli Thread (2019)

I'm going to lock this monster thread down. Feel free to start a new Masoli thread.
According to the mods.... it didn't cost me anything to start this thread. :P

There is a hidden service fee. There always is!


If I had a nickel…

Here’s hoping JM has a goodgreat year!

So…is Masoli an elite QB? (asking for a friend)

Oh! It’s your friend who is looking to pick an argument.

Lock this thread mods. This topic has already been covered throughout the past 5 months.

Not sure why original was locked. I wanted to see it beat the stadium thread.

If we can sign most of our receivers back, and with June Jones being able to focus only on offence, I have a feeling Masoli could break Burris’ 2012 records for yards and TD passes. I also think Masoli can lead us to 12-15 wins if all the other pieces fall together. People forget the Danny Mac didn’t throw more touchdowns then interceptions in a season until 1997, and we didn’t get him until he was 33 in 1998. For Masoli ,winning the East MOP in his first year as a full time starter is an incredible accomplishment, and it isn’t a fluke if you look at his stats during our playoff run in 2015 and his stats during the last 10 games of 2017.
Go Cats.

We've covered the idea that we can post for free? The economics of the internet are quite complex, my friend. ;D

Hmm, who are you to tell the mods how to do their job? Back at you, hypocrite

New Year, same inability to stick to the thread topic, including this post? :wink:

TD-to-INT ratio never used to be such a significant measure in the minds of fans. It really is kind of an arbitrary pairing if you think about it.

There are other ways to score TDs besides passing (i.e. rushing TDs), and other ways for a QB to hurt his team besides INTs (such as inaccurate passes, poor decisions in general, fumbles, taking bad sacks, failing to produce scoring drives at key moments in the game). But these don't lend themselves to easy statistical soundbites, so some of us tend to ignore them.

Laughinghard criticzed me yesterday for agreeing with another poster about the appropriateness of the Hamilton population thread. He accused us of doing the mod's job. It didn't take long for him to show his true colours, did it. Anyway, I'm done here.

And for those of you not keeping track at home…this is officially the 2nd thread of the 2nd day of this new year that has been officially locked up . So it’s two for two so far in this early new year already . Yup , we are officially on pace for a world record 365 locks this year . So come on gang , we can do it…only 363 more to go !!! :smiley:

Hmmmm ? Maybe I should start a poll on just how many threads we can get locked up in 2019 . Chances are though that the thread and poll will be locked up the day after it gets posted . ;D

Oh and just to keep this on topic ? Masoli is spelt or spelled if you like M-A-S-O-L-I . 8)

lol, I was simply practicing your job. You know darn well this topic has worn out it’s welcome by reasonable debaters.

Now THERE'S your problem my friend. You are making assumptions about us!

did I read this title right? There is a new Masoli to talk about?

Yup , a new Masoli to talk about indeed........Jeremiah's brother.......Holy Masoli . 8)

hmmm, what position and is he elite yet?

Are you sure it isn’t Holly Masoli, first woman kicker?

ALL Masoli’s are Elite, no??