Masoli taking 1st team reps at practice today

Bad luck for Saunders if he has to sit this one out. It would, almost certainly, see him hit the 1000 yd. mark. He's been, without a lot of notice, piling up the yards and, now just 23 short of that mark, he stands 8th in the league in receiving yards. Tasker, at 858, with 3 games to play is the only other TiCat likely to reach 1000 for the season.

Thanks for this ottawacat, I had no idea Saunders was so close.
He is a fiery competitor and has speed and talent oozing out of him.
I expect even greater production next season.

Coach Jones said in his presser that Filer will probably play Sunday, Tracy will not and Saunders is maybe

  1. Lets bring him back home to Hamilton, immediately !!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Delay the success of the team? This year was thrown away and it cost me $1200 watching them go 0-8 and essentially out of the playoffs at the halfway mark barring them making history and performing a miracle to get in. (oh they did make history losing 60-1). As a STH, I haven't let this organization off the hook yet for the first half of the season. We all have to wait till next year now to see what happens.

And yet in 2015 before his injury, he was amazing and I don't think there's a single person out there that would not have put the TiCats in the Grey Cup game that year and winning it all. Short memories people. Think back you all felt same. So now that he has some interim "head issues" after a major/devastating injury YOU ALL throw him under the bus. It takes time to overcome such injuries and head recovery is probably the biggest obstacle.
If TiCat management does same and has basically already come to the decision to trade him, I WILL AWAIT THE DAY...... and it is coming........ when I will say I TOLD YOU SO & YOU DESERVE IT TICAT FANS!

For every Anthony Cahill there are 10 Casey printers

would that be leo's son??

If the Cats cut Collaros and he signs elsewhere I fully expect him to do well. I also expect him to be signed at 60% of his current salary

How about them BC Lions?