Masoli taking 1st team reps at practice today

As an outsider here, totally disagree.
You guys are out of the playoffs, so the last games should be an audition for the QB's for next year.
Anyone dressed for the games, has to play and why not an equal amount?

By not starting Collaros he is being obvious he did not make that decision. Collaros gets hurt would stop them from trading him in the off-season. This is Austin's decision not Jones. Masoli is a good backup but needs a lot of polish to be #1. Goodbye Zach, hope you come back next year and haunt us with whatever team you end up with.

Interesting that Zac continues to be on the sidelines with the season playoff
race now over....
If Zac does not start any of the remaining 3 games.
That tells me that deals are in the works to trade him or before the big payday
in Feb they would release him outright.
As far as Masoli goes, we all know he is a free agent at the end of the season.
If he starts the 3 remaining games...does well.
Personally I believe our Cats could win all 3.
Then I have to think Jeremiah will be the outright starter going into Camp in 2018.
And will get a solid contract that I believe he deserves...
I see a lot of upside in Masoli, as he continues to improve with starts.
And if he did become the outright number 1 QB.
I would have no problem with that, and wish him well.

I would have a BIG problem with that! He is not at an elite level yet. I think if they give Collaros a
chance that he can play well with the current offence, he would be far better than Masoli.
But instead the Ticat Mgt. wants to peddle backwards and delay the success of the team by cutting

This decision proves two things:

-June Jones will be HC in 2018 (Jones not pressured by Mitchell or Austin to start Collaros for last 3 games this year)

-Masoli will be our starter next year, and given a raise courtesy of the cash Ticats save when they trade or release Collaros (before roster bonus in Feb)

If Manziel's rights aren't traded, Manziel will be brought in to compete with Masoli for #1 next year (good plan, instead of giving job to Manziel outright).

And you know for sure that Austin and Mitchell want Collaros to start? That is ridiculous! You don't know diddley! They may want Collaros to get some action as we all do but you can't know what Austin is pressuring Jj to do. JJ will do what he thinks is best for team this year and for next! I do believe that ZC will see some playing time though. If not ???........

June Jones on why he will start his regular starters.

“I’m here to coach them to win and teach them how to win and that’s what we’re going to do,? Jones said. “We’re going to play the best guys who give us the best chance to win the game. I think I owe that to the players that are here.?

“I know Zach can play, I see it every day. If he helps us to win the game, then he’s going to play but until then we’re going to stay the way we are,? Jones said. “Jeremiah has not done anything to be dislodged from that position.?

“I’m evaluated on how many I win so it benefits me to win,?

Masoli on June Jones

“I think he’s proven without a doubt how good of a coach he is. In his short term here he’s pretty much turned the team around,? he said. “I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we would all endorse coach June for a job.?
“We’ve been trying to win, not just for ourselves, but for the new coach that brought that culture here.?


Other Tuesday news:
Willie Quinn was put on the 1-Game Injured List and Ross Scheuerman was added to the Active Roster.

You can read this two ways.

Uncharitable view: Sounds like Jones is placing his own interests above the long-term interests of the team. Unless there is something they are not telling us, it would be very useful for reasons given here hundreds of times to evaluate Zach under the new system. Maybe even other prospects as well, who could make the team better next year. But success next year doesn't help Jones at the moment.

Favourable view: There is probably something to this "winning culture" idea, that may be even more important to the health and competitiveness of the team than any specific roster decisions. I don't really know because I'm just a fan with no pro experience. But there are some teams that always seem to win, and at least part of that has to be about attitude and culture.

Pat, I can understand the "winning culture" concept.

There were times, when our team was not so good, walking to the ballpark you, even as a fan, just knew that they weren't going to win the game.

I can only imagine how that could have felt like PLAYING in that game.

I would find it difficult to pondermanagement NOT hiring June Jones for next season and beyond, considering what he has accomplished since his ascension to the head coaching job.

Louis Butko?
7m7 minutes ago
For 2nd day in a row, no Mike Filer or Adrian Tracy at #Ticats practice. Saunders, who missed yesterday, doing some solo stuff. #CFL

Meanwhile in Montreal, Tiquan Underwood has been released after playinga dozen games with stats similar to those he put up here.

I am sure his head is already by now all right! He just needs to show his stuff. I’m sure he is itching to be in there and should be given the opportunity to do so. Not giving him some play time is ridiculous! Get hurt? Crap , you can get hurt on the sidelines for heaven’s sake.

Not starting Zac these last 3 games is the dumbest thing this organization has...never mind.

Ah no....... never mind indeed. The mind boggles......

Here's a crazy theory.

The decision to trade Zach has already been made. Maybe even the specifics of the deal. Mgmt knows that if Zach plays and lights it up they would not have the support of fans for the trade, or for the signing of Johnny Whatsisname. So Zach sits, stays healthy, off-season deals get done, and it's hard to argue with the decisions. Then if Zach lights it up next year in double-blue, Cats mgmt just says, hey, who knew?

(Confidence level: 20%)

I don't hate the idea of starting Masoli the last 3 games. Do we really know what we have in Masoli?
If we start Zach and he does poorly in the last 3 games does this tell us something?
If we start Zach and he does well does this tell us anything?
Collaros was a major part of the failure of this team this season. Rightly or wrongly. He has a near record level futility streak for most losses in a row by a starting QB.
If Jones wants Masoli as his starter next year give him the starts and see what he can do with them.
Hopefully against Montreal we can get a lead and get ZC some reps out of the bullpen in a low pressure situation.

I certainly hate it. Yes.
Zach was the best player on the team (Castillo was great too) during the first 8 games. Zach didn't play all offensive, defensive, and special teams positions, nor did he coach the team nor sign players.THAT MAKES IT TEAM FUTILITY STREAK!!!
Face it, this team is entirely different from the team that started the season (new DC, new HC, much better tackles on the O-line, different offensive scheme, etc).
Same could be said about Zach. Masoli may not even sign here.
The converse is true - if Masoli craps the bed (he is overdue for this), Zach should come in and show what he can do.

And this was one of those players that some on this forum kept harping on was doing better since he left Hamilton and those same people criticized our management for letting him go.....

Seems the personnel staff here had the right answer all along.....

I hope you're wrong, Pat. About Zach and what's his name....