Masoli taking 1st team reps at practice today
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QB Jeremiah Masoli taking first team reps at #Ticats practice

This generally means he will be starting @ MTL

Idiotic move, IMNSHO...

Coach without a contract for next year has one priority.
Win games. Jones obviously thinks JM is his best option for this.

I thought Jones was signed through next year. The guy would be nuts to leave home and take this mess on while only being guaranteed the remainder of this season.

Nothing has been announced. In one of his first press conferences, Jones said he was only under contract for this year, though he was interested in coming back. And if Junes has any interest in coaching elsewhere should things not work out with Hamilton, having as good a record as possible will look better on his resume.

Frankly, if the organization wants Jones back, but thinks Collaros should start down the stretch, declining to start Collaros would be one way for Jones to light a fire under the front office to make it worth his while to think more about next year instead of this year (i.e. make Jones an attractive offer to extend beyond the end of this season).

sit the guy under contract and start the free agent? I don't get it.

Jones’ contract with the Ticats only runs the remainder of the 2017 season while Austin is signed through 2019. Mitchell said Austin’s job isn’t – and has never been – in jeopardy.

In fairness I don't think anyone knows if Masoli is a capable #1 starter in the CFL and this is still an audition for him too.
The fact that Jones was able to bring in an offensive coach a few weeks back tells me that Jones is in their long term plans as head coach.

While I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Austin remains in his upstairs role, we should also remember that Scott Mitchell says lots and lots of things.

Masoli should have been the starter early in the season when Zack could not deliver. Why keep throwing a guy out there that fails to win?

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“Jeremiah has not done anything to be dislodged from that position.? - June Jones #CFL #Ticats

Exactly .its the guy who is becoming a free agent that you want to see. They need to make a decision on him.they can decide on Zack as late as training camp if they want

seymour: Jones said in an interview when he was hired that he considered the rest of this season was an audition for the HC's job next season.The interview may still be on

I have not seen anything more since then....but you never know.

Defence: the rest of the team and coaching staff failed to win too.That's why we are not in the playoffs.

They are not going to keep all three(Collaros,Masoli and Manzel) after TC next year. Collaros is the
best of the lot. If Jones is the HC next year who do you think he will keep of the three?
If you think Masoli and Manzel you would probably be right, and that would be a BIG mistake.

Grover: thanks. There goes my Zach injury theory. :frowning:

This would mean Zach is done for the year. Masoli isn't going to do anything against Montreal or Ottawa that dislodges him from the starters position.
55-60% - 2-1 TD ratio and probably win 2 of the 3 games.

Recently signed Dane Evans could be a pleasant surprise.

I think the should try to win with Masoli but also give Collaros some game time and maybe 1 start especially since Masoli is a free agent next year ..
I think we should also try to take a longer look at Aultman , Robinson and Quinn at receiver and kick returner. I'd like to see Jay Langa get some time at safety to get experience and for Whitlock to get more reps as well as Rice at OG and Mcgough at DE to get valuable experience and to see what we have . I think Austin should suggest this to June Jones as we could combine trying to win with taking a look at some players.

Banks is a free agent as well and I am sure he will be asking for more money than his latest reduced contract . I assume Fantuz is a free agent too but I think both parties want him to be here.

Good post.

I'd keep ZC off the field. Let him have more time to get head right. Fresh start next year.