Masoli Re-Signs in Hamilton

So the dominoes at QB begin to fall.

Where does this leave Evans? I think he showed he could start. I’ll bet he would not be happy going back to being a back-up. I can see the Cats trying to trade him both to get some value for him and to help his career along.

One year contract.

Masoli will probably start on the 6 game injury list. Also some of his contract will count against 2019.

Looks like both he and Evans will be with the team… for the upcoming year at least.

He probably wants to win a Grey Cup, and knows Hamilton is his best chance to do it. A one-year contract, probably because he knows in 2021 this will be Evans’ team, and he knows he’ll be leaving it in good hands.

Also, I’m sure he’s thinking that his injury will reduce his value on the FA market. Another great season in the black and gold and he’ll pretty much be able to write his own ticket in '21.

Just glad Ottawa and Toronto – two teams who badly need a good QB – won’t have him to help them this year.

I’m sure their fans do not want to read this opinion, but better a newcomer make his bones at either of those plus Montreal in their current organizational states than to see a solid veteran like Masoli languish with such teams now

And odds are high whoever starts the season anywhere any more will not last the season, so I agree with a commenter who stated in the free agency thread that this is a two-quarterback league.