Masoli Re-Signed to 1 year Deal

I like it. Solidifies team at QB, gives the team options during the season and within games, another year to continue Dane’s development, lots of opportunity for Jeremiah to continue with rehab, if needed. Tons of upside.

I never thought Masoli would be open to this, not surprised the team is.

Evans deserves a raise, if he gets it and both of them combined make what the top end QBs make, I’d see it as a refreshing move move with a bunch of unselfish athletes that see the big picture.

After some unnoffical inquries by his agent …Too much uncertainty regarding the injury to play the market. Is my guess. Kick the can down the road for a year and revisit then.

key point in bold.

^^^ Did you guys ever consider that when Masoli stated he “wants to be a Ticat for life”
That he actually mean’t it!

what a crazy concept eh Grover?!

So why didn’t he sign for 2, 5, or 10 years …

Yes, my heart goes with that. But as someone who TWICE over a 43 year career wanted to retire with organizations - and who both times left sadly (in one case not necessarily willingly and I had founded it! ) when their priorities changed - I discovered that organizational priorities and circumstances change.

This signing is nice.

It’s a 1 year deal Grov. I wouldn’t put my house up on that happening just yet.

So why didn't he sign for 2, 5, or 10 years ...
that's for you to guess, and Masoli to know.

crazy how that works eh.

Agreed. This is best case scenario but it can go wrong in so many ways…

Everybody has one year deals now.(Except Evans! :slight_smile: ;))
It is the new way in the CFL.
I’m not a big fan of it, but, it is what it is

It probably went like this

Masoli to agent - Get me the best deal with the Cats you can, I want to stay

Agent - Your best deal will be a 1 year and signed before Jan.1st

Masoli - Okay, do it

Fair point Dork . If the Cats were to sign him long term , then they would have to compensate him for foregoing free agency .

Grover’s point is also valid . Loyalty is still a thing . :slight_smile: That can apply to the Cats as well as Jeremiah .

Pat Lynch (the very happy old dude)

Didn’t realize the other top QBs are on 1 year deals.

Love your optimism Grover, but what likely happened is he is betting on himself to show how healthy he is in 2020.

I can’t imagine him turning down a big deal from even the biggest of cellar-dwellers next year at this time if Hamilton isn’t offering it.

This one worked in our favour for at least one more year.

It’s not a guess . It is a legitimate question in light of the “tc for a lifetime” statement.

My guess is the club wouldn’t have offered that type of term, plus, who knows what might happen to the cap and other contract related terms in future CBAs?

Well, 5 and 10 aren’t in the running, so your literal question is, why didn’t Masoli sign for 2 years instead of just 1?

Well, he knows his injury status is a question. If he signed for 2 or 3 years now (with Hamilton, or another team), he would be signing based on a discount for the unknown.

Signing for 1 year was in his best interest.

We are fortunate he decided to sign his 1 year “test year” with Hamilton, and not a competitor (especially in the East).

And the reason he did that comes down to all the discussion around Masoli directly saying he wanted to remain in Hamilton.

So in other words any player who says I want to be here for life should be taken for what it is, rhetorical .


Too true…!!!