Masoli Re-Signed to 1 year Deal

Per Ticats official.

One positive for sure is he gets to continue his rehab in our facility with our medical staff.

1 year deal per J Dunk.

$387k up to $460k per Farhan Lalji.

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I’m shocked. Love Masoli, just thought he’d end up elsewhere in free agency.

Definitely not a move to complain about though, and I’ll trust the football guys in the front office know more than I do.

Not very surprised here. I remember watching an interview during the season where Masoli said he wants to retire a tiger cat. I’m almost positive Jeremiah took a team deal here.

I wonder how far this will go in terms of encouraging other free agents to sign.

After every other team saw what Dane Evans can do, and now getting Jeremiah back, we’re really looking like the team to be on

The timing tells me that some of the compensation will fall into the 2019 cap year, taking advantage of cap space left unused by, most significantly, Masoli’s own injury. Look for a meaningful signing bonus once details emerge.


Great news. I agree with ExPat, likely a substantial signing bonus. With that, along with playtime incentives, I expect the base salary to be possibly lower than last year even. Rounding for simplicity, I’m guessing something like 150k bonus, 200k salary, 150k playtime incentives.

Something like that would mean, even if Masoli maxes out the incentives, he’d only be on the 2020 books for 350k. An absolute STEAL for a starting calibre QB. If Masoli comes in and plays poorly, either cut, trade, or bench him and he only makes 200k (toward 2020 salary) which is likely less than we could’ve signed any other experienced backup if we decide to go with Evans. If we had extra cap room for 2019, this is a great way to use it! If we didn’t sign someone today, it would have effectively disappeared anyway.

On the other hand, for Masoli, he gets a healthy chunk up front so if he doesn’t play well following injury and is either cut, traded or sidelined in favour of Evans, he still makes 150-350k and if he maxes out, he gets a full 500k (which I think is a fair rate for Masoli as long as he comes back strong from injury).

Bad move. To many things can go wrong with Mr. Mediocre and Dane sitting in the same chair.

Love thisJeremiah signing!

Jeremiah will come through and play well again , one two punch at QB for 2020 !!!

Coach decides who starts , ya.!

Love it!

Merry Christmas to us, and hopefully a VERY happy 2020!

Great news!!!
Best QB combo in the League

Great news! Happy to hear this. I wonder how rehab is going? we have 2 starter calibre qbs under contract next season. Interesting

Solid move by the Cats

Have to agree they now have the best one/two punch at QB in the league assuming J comes back strong

That’s the key right there. If one of them gets injured then we don’t have to worry about our season getting derailed.

1A under contract. Awesome news.

Didn’t want to play elsewhere. True to his word.
When you are a part of a good thing don’t look to change it.

As I predicted on Dec 10 in the FA tracker thread:

[insert the sound of Mike taking a bow]

BTW I admit I was starting to worry though as tomorrow is 2020!

Don’t worry, be happy!

Other than the 7 ints, he was NOT having a mediocre season:

“The Ticats No. 1 QB led the black and gold to their best start since 1998 at 4-1. Masoli completed 71 per cent of his passes for 1,576 yards with nine touchdowns against seven interceptions, adding 17 carries for 79 yards and four touchdowns in parts of six games.”


Kind of back-pedaling there Garney?

For a while there you upgraded his status from Mediocre to Moderate. ;D

Never thought it would happen and said so…mea culpa.

Either a shrewd short term move with a hero role reversal or just a repeat of last year…Masoli watching Evans .