What is wrong with everyone over rating Masoli? I see the column about which Masoli will show up? It’s the same Masoli. He had good games against a backup Riders team, BC, Elks and Redblacks. All non-playoff teams other than the backup Riders.

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Tell us his rating and we will tell you if it's too high.

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Oh Great!
Another weiner starting another Masoli overated thread. :yawning_face:


Hi Dad.

(you must be my father, as that's all I hear from him...a seasoned 50 year cats fan)

my father takes pride in Masoli's failure. In fact, he texted me during the Toronto game like somehow it's my fault!

Masoli has shown he does not step up when the game counts. But I'm sure he wants to win. Coach has showed he trusts Masoli. Coach is new, and makes mistakes (lots of them unfortunately).

I can't say he's overrated, as no one rates him very high. If anything, he might be underrated.


How about "misunderestimated"?


If we lose this weekend he will likely be berated.
Its also possible that his trip out of town will be accelerated, causing him and the team to be separated.

Personally I think about 10 more Masoli threads would be generated, and some people would do anything to avoid reading them, including volunteering to be castrated.

He'd land somewhere else as the QB market is definitely not saturated however his value could become derated, and any signing bonuses he gets elsewhere would potentially be prorated.

Is it Sunday yet?


Here is a scenario (especially for the haters) ....

If Masoli wins the Grey Cup.....and we can only keep one QB ....Masoli or Evans ....which one do we keep?

(....and does the prospect of Masoli or Evans going to Redblacks in off-season scare you at all?)



Yes. We are cursed by ex QB's!!!

there is no question.

I believe you've just quoted an INXS song. Well done! A Gen-X reference that neither the old-timers nor the snapchat kids will get. Here's some more of the lyrics:

Hallucinate, desegregate
Mediate, alleviate
Try not to hate
Love your mate
Don't suffocate on your own hate
Designate your love as fate
A one-world state as human freight
The number eight, a white-black state
A gentle trait, the broken crate
A heavy weight or just too late?

Too much credit.

Definitely didn't mean to quote INXS and completely made that up myself.

There's a U2 song from the same era that may have been an even better fit to describe the fate of our QB if we lose:

This desperation
Separation, condemnation
Revelation in temptation
Isolation, desolation
Let it go
And so fade away

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If some how Masoli wins the cup you have to keep him. He's the only Cat QB to do it in over 20years.
And Yes the the prospect of either going to the Redblacks or any other team scares me but it unfortunately is almost a certainty.


Do we seriously need another thread about this?

First time I'm going to summon the mods...MODS, can we consolidate all the Masoli threads into one, maybe even delete a few, and whatever the result is, shove it into the deepest, darkest recesses of this forum?

One of if not my fav U2 song of all-time . A song that really took off after the band played an iconic extended live version at Live-Aid in 1985 . The band literally had close to a 100,000 people in the palms of their hands . It's hard to believe that I was only 24 when this show of shows took place. Amazing to think that pretty much every major act at the time playing live to the planet on two different continents in a single day .

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Great job...can't help but feel invigorated!

Loyalty will get you nowhere in this business.
Do you think if Burris won the cup we would have not signed Collaros?

(It's not a rhetorical question, it's an honest question).

I still think we would have moved on from Burris.


Of course we'll never know but I suspect if we'd won the cup then we'd have kept Burris as our starter. I wouldn't have been too happy as I was never a fan of Burris and liked Collaros.