Masoli: Out for Season

Not much of a surprise here.

Torn acl

Geez, the Cats can never catch a break it seems!

This was a no-contact injury wasn’t it?

Yup. Just planted and boom.

Hate to see a top player go down to injury. :frowning:

Well that was a great season by the Ticats…

They still have a good team,but it will be more difficult against top teams.



Unfortunate that Masoli is out for the season.
A top player for the league.

Wow. That was an innocent looking play. Artificial turf.

Sorry fellas. That always sucks.

So if you are Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal and are considering moving on from McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Jonathon Jennings, and/or Brandon Bridge respectively, does Jeremiah Masoli’s season-ending injury change your mind? As far as I can tell, the Ti-Cats had no other QB’s who attended training camp that they could bring back.

Was a fan of Masoli’s was looking forward to see him pile up the stats this season .

Hope he returns to full strength .

Maybe they are right the turf in Hamilton is a problem .

Oddly enough if Cody keeps playing as good and zack does come back this season … suddenly he even on a one year contract has real trade value

Interesting .

MBT might be available soon by out right release . He looks beaten .

Bridge might be available once Pipkin is healthy and I think he is their best insurance policy for Evans .

Jennings is staying put for awhile . I think they will stick it out and see if he can turn it around . The coaching is lacking in Ottawa . The loss of their OC so close to camp is taking it’s toll .

Great idea . Let’s make the trade and then we can send Simoni to the airport to pick him up .
As for what we can offer in a trade in return ? Hows about we send ya a bag of used footballs and a couple of kicking tees ? Sounds fair to me . :smiley:

Johnny Football?

Unless there was a seam involved it isn’t necessarily turf related … sometimes as stress transfers up the skeleton it hits a point where it overloads the soft tissue and things go boom.

Horrible news for Hamilton and the Cfl.
Dont think it was the turf. It didnt appear that his foot caught anything.
Well, if the cfl and halifax could get going, there is going to be quite a few backups with starting reps available after this year.

That’s the worst. Literally, nobody even touched him.