Masoli, How you like me now!

Masoli was a real leader out there for us, He has taken a lot of heat, time for some love.

Masoli started the game passing 5 of 11 for 26 yards and when he threw a pick early in the 3rd qtr he was pulled in favour of an ineffective Harris.
When Masoli came back in,(we were down 18-6)he completed 7 consecutive passes including a 41 yard TD to Bakari and scored another on a 1 yard plunge.
He finished the game 12 of 18 for 141 yards, one interception, one passing TD and one rushing TD.
He also scrambled for 58 yards.
His escape-ability,mental toughness and some confidence in himself and from his team mates and his new found fans gives us all some real reason to think we will now have a good chance to rep the East in the Grey Cup.
One win at a time. :rockin:

You can see in Austins Comments what he thinks of Masoli
"I can’t say enough about him, The way he responded, how he handled the situation, not only during this week but during the game — he handled it like a true pro."

Good job, well done.

Good post, Grover.

Happy for Masoli and his Chuck Ealey like running .
When he matures one more step and can see the field better then makes that pass look out! :thup:

Losing to Ottawa last week means he'll have an extra game experience going into the Grey Cup :cowboy:

Well, I’m still not sold. 141 yards passing? Those are great stats…if you’re a receiver.

Yeeesh!, tough crowd to please,
He has 2 starts in his career, his 1st was 2 years ago, he has been on the PR all season making $500/week
He also just won the Biggest game of the year for us.
I expect with a full week of practice and 1st team reps that Austin/Condell will have a more expanded Masoli type offence package planned for the East Final.

One game does not a quality quarterback make. He'll have to take it up to another level next Sunday, if he does, I will look at him in a different light.

Let's bring this back to reality. We barley sqeeked by a terrible team. Masoli was better but hasn't shown any reason to believe he can be elite next week.

Well Austin had some pretty good things to say about him

“To respond like that, having not played, on the practice roster, I can’t say enough about the man,? Austin said.

After pulling him after the INT, Austin went back to him and said

"Listen, we are going to keep you out a couple of series, are you ready go to back in, I need to know you are ready.’

Masoli said "Coach, let’s just go win the football game."

Austin said "He is the kind of guy you want on your football team.?

Not impressed either.

If not the Argos...

26 yds passing at the half and a DB that fell leads to our only TD against that defence.

I'll wait two weeks before I eat crow.

Oh thats right, I forgot, he fumbled 2 years ago, he's a BUM! :roll:

If he can put up similar numbers on Sunday we can beat the RedBlacks. If he doesn't lose us the game the D and special teams can win it.

I think the concern is still with the O-Line against Ottawa whose front four owned us two weeks ago.

Masoli looked more comfortable on Sunday so why not another win!? Go Cats!

He didn't win the game, the team did.

That's pretty low expectations. I'm pretty sure that similar numbers will not win against Ottawa.

This is very true, I chose the wrong words there
But if he threw more INT's and fumbled a few times,
people including yourself would say he lost the game for us.
As the QB that handles the ball more than any other player he has a huge part in Wins and Losses

I'm with you Grover. He played fine. He isn't perfect, no one is. He's started two games for us. A rookie in all but name. He isn't the second coming of Collaros, or Burris, or McManus, or Kerrigan, or Clements, or Ealey, or Zuger, or Faloney. He isn't even Hobart, not yet anyway. But he rose to the challenge when the adversity was greatest in a very important game. For that he deserves credit. I hope he plays better next week. I think he'll need to. I look forward to it.

I agree, and he will have to play even better than that the week after! :rockin:

He looked pretty good against Ottawa in the last game of the season....he looked the best out of all the back-ups. I'd think he and the team have to have more confidence now. Having said that, many things will have to go right for us on Sunday.The new injuries aren't going to help us. But, hopefully bad Hank shows up and helps the cause. I hope we win, but I'm not expecting it which sucks because this finally felt like the year that we were the class of the CFL. Of course Zach had to get hurt. Best of luck to our guys, looking forward to a hard fought game!

There is a very good possibility that the DB fell due to Masoli faking to Underwood. It was such a good fake the DB bought it and tried to change who he was covering because of it.

Not likely Jan, but sure.