Masoli, Harris splitting first-team reps

Report: Masoli, Harris splitting first-team reps for Ticats

Ticat quarterback Jeff Mathews misses practice with suspected concussion

I expect Burris to come out strongly against the illegal hit that took out our starting quarterback.

Best of luck to Jeff Mathews in recovering from this injury.

Nooooooooooo .....! I just bought my tickets for the Ottawa game Saturday and booked my hotel!

Maybe it is a Rick Campbell - Burris/Marco type ploy?? Maybe Jeff just had a dental appointment and was late for practice?? Unless we have a legitimate injury to Mathews, this feels like a panic move to me! And who is Mitchell Gale?

Best wishes to Jeff. Despite his deficiencies, I still think he is our best chance going forward. Ever have one of those moments when you starting praying that you're wrong?

Can Danny Mac still throw a ball??

Gale was third string QB with the Argos - he was released after Adrian McPherson signed there. He was primarily the Argos short yardage QB for a couple of seasons.

Austin may as well go back to the Argo well to find another QB. At least with Scott Milanovich's coaching and Ricky Ray's tutelage, Austin can be assured that Gale, like Collaros, has been competently developed during his time with the Argos.

By the way... what successful QB has Austin developed since he's been here?

Just heard that Mathews might practice tomorrow. However with concussions one can never be sure and I know that Austin won't rush Jeff unless he is 100%.

1-game IL. He ain't playing.

@DCF I see that. I think I was listening to the Ticats show on TSN when I heard that Mathews might practice tomorrow. Given the unpredictability of concussions, I'm not surprised that Austin has chosen to be cautious with Mathews.

I suspect that we might see both Harris and Masoli in the game on Saturday - just as long as they don't ask Jeremiah to do short yardage, especially if it occurs on the goal line. He was BRUTAL with that last year! Maybe Harris can be a Jennings-type surprise and wow everyone with a big win. We can only hope!

I would like to think Collaros' game was elevated to new levels under Austin. He became a good prospect to MOP candidate until he got hurt.

I think we'll be seeing both Jacory Harris and Jeremiah Masoli play against Ottawa Saturday. Masoli will be the rushing threat in certain packages, and Harris the main QB...just like Austin ran things when Lefevour was in Hamilton.

In the few years hes been here????
Guy, give it a rest!

Looks like Masoli gets the start this Saturday.......Will we score another TD on O this year?

Oh well, at least we can keep up the trend of the past 16 seasons as Ticats fans,"there's always next year" right? :thup:

Not ready to throw the towel in just yet...there's some football left to play and let's face it Ottawa didn't actually light things up Sunday. 4 field goals to our two. And that was with their first stringer from day one in there. Let's wait before we start hanging the wreaths. :thup: OSKEE!

I am anxious to see what Harris can do
Hoping for the best, remember, he just has to do enough to win this game, just don't lose it with turnovers.
Defence and Specials can give us a 7 point win over the Whiny Ho's. :rockin:

Keep the faith!

Arguably there will be less pressure on the starting QB in this next game than there was on Mathews when he became the starter.

Anyone think this makes sense?

When Collaros went down we were the Grey Cup favourite, and Mathews was expected to keep us on that trajectory. Now, I'm not sure anyone has very high expectations. Yes, we all hope for the best, but deep down we know that the odds are stacked against us in a big way. The new guy cannot be expected to work miracles in his first start. Maybe that takes some pressure off, even though we are soon to enter "must-win" territory.

I would agree with that and he is now working on developing Mathews and Harris who I don’t think spent much time or played with any other team.

Splitting 1st team reps again today at practice

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Both #Ticats QBs Jacory Harris & Jeremiah Masoli are getting time with the first team offence at practice today. #Redblacks #CFL

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#Ticats piping in crowd noise during team sessions at practice today. First time all season. #CFL #RedBlacks

Grover: :thup: :thup: :thup: Exactly. I just hope Kent Austin makes a change quickly if whoever starts cant produce. Im thinking about Masoli. He has been a disaster every time he went on the field.
Jacory Harris, on the other hand, shows a lot of promise. He`s very agile, can run, has a good arm and seems comfortable with what he does.
I have a feeling Jacory will do well and so will the defence. The game is winnable!

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#TIcats coach Kent Austin says decision hasn’t been made on a starting QB for Saturday’s rematch with #Redblacks

I am expecting Harris

Seems that Austin is still not willing to name the starter and I hope that he keeps Ottawa guessing all week. Campbell went from 100% sure Hank would start last week to waffling and then started Burris anyway. Think that we can play that game too! I expect that regardless of who is named starter, we'll likely see both Harris and Masoli in the game.

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#Ticats QB Jeremiah Masoli taking most of the first team reps on day three of practice. #Redblacks #CFL

I for one am not as down on Jeremiah as other posters to this forum are. I expect (hope for) him to grab any chance he gets for playing time and make the most of it. I expect good things from him as he should be very highly motivated to prove his past outings as just bad luck.

Whom ever it is that gets the start they have a great opportunity to show their best.

Go get 'em boys.