Masoli Gets The Nod

Austin names Masoli starter for the EDSF


Well no more wondering... I am not confident the Cats win this game......

well if Masoli craps the bed in the first half, Austin may have little choice but to pull him in favor of Harris.

...and if Harris bombs God help us all.

GO CATS GO!!!! Masoli will be just fine, its a team game, need a big one from the whole team.

But I have faith in our boys!!!!

Masoli earned this start with his play last game. Good on him! :thup:
Don't turn the ball over, and Special teams, Defence and the Home Crowd will give him a short field to work on. :rockin: :rockin:

Masoli, please hang on to the ball. Don't eat buttered popcorn the night before the game and may the force be with you.

..... but if he fumbles the ball on the first drive of the game, yank him Austin.

I think Masoli right now is preferable to Harris. The fumbles worry me, but then, he didn’t give up all six of those TDs last week, or the nearly 400 yards?

All in all, I think he did his job. Maybe some of our other guys should be taking a long look in the mirror come game day. I’m on board.

I dunno if masoli has the accuracy to play at THF, considering the winds.

add on fumbles, and botched exchanges. could be another long day.

well if Masoli craps the bed in the first half, Austin may have little choice but to pull him in favor of Harris.

...and if Harris bombs God help us all.[/quote]

can he throw a back corner fade? I see him more as a lineman tbh, maybe its because the whole parting of the sea thing

yah buddy! :rockin:

We're in a tough spot for sure. There's not much left in the tank with our team. They seem to be all out of steam psychologically as well. Here's hoping Masoli gives them a boost!

Agree with you too. We have to remember that last week Harris and Masoli split reps which led to some confusion at times on offense (hand off to Sinkfield a prime example) This week it seems that Masoli has had ALL the first team reps in practice so there should be better communication and better familiarity. It appears to me at least that we will sink or swim with Jeremiah. Tossing in Harris if he has had few or no reps, would probably not improve the team's chances.

That being said, JM is a scrambler like Zach and will run to make plays if he has to. Just have to hope that his decision-making is sound for the most part, but I think we saw in the game last week that he has improved in this area.


I agree Masoli earned the job to start the Eastern Semi-Final tomorrow for the Cats, he has the scrambling ability, can move the pocket and get the players the ball, if he hangs on to the ball BONUS!!

Weather is expected to be sunny and 14c light breeze around 16km unless it's changed again for something else?


If Masoli falls apart and Harris falls apart also i think we need to scrap them both for next year. Obviously Collaros is our number one..and i would like to keep Matthews because i like what i have seen of him but we do need another stable quarterback next year because relying on mainly one is not good. Look at BC has with Jennings and Calgary has solid guys like Tate and Mitchell...we need that experience also.