Masoli Doesn't Take Off Nearly Enough

Sorry Grover tough to recognize sarcasm online

I not good at it, but ExPat and Dork rule!

I guess I would give JM more credit than you. I don't think he lets media clippings influence his on-field decisions. As fans, our sources of info are limited to media reports and chatboards. As a player, the hours he spends with coaches and in the film room every day would have more influence (by far) on JM's thinking.

That doesn't mean he always makes the right decision. For me, I would take a high-percentage throw over an uncertain run. But if the pass is a risky one and the run lane is open, take the run. If both are equally likely to succeed, I would go for the pass.

thanks - that's why I asked why/how? Drew may have got the right number.
Sub .500 now. wow.

I would too if they were both likely to succeed. But you don't know that. There's always the risk of dropping it, especially considering our receivers of late. Running it for the same yardage untouched would be the less riskier play. And you have NO idea how much credit I give Masoli. He's human. Of course he watches film, but he also hears the buzz. It's human and also tempting to want to please and live up to expectations framed for you. There is absolutely no reason he needs to set passing records. That and buck 75'll get you a coffee at Horton's.

Also, since nobody wants to answer the question of how many games Bo has lost in his CFL career, the answer I believe is.....wait for it....10 So how does Masoli stack up? Just waiting for the answer from the Masoli Stans.

I think Bo is the exception to the rule - not fair to compare a guy like Bo to Masoli when looking at lifetime W/L record.

Nichols however is like 23-9 (or close to that). That makes me a little angry to be honest.

I understand. Us lifelong Ti-Cat fans should just settle for whatever they feed us. (Sarcasm)

Somehow I agree with Drew 100%

Maybe I don't. But between the two of us, one of us thinks his on-field decisions are influenced by media coverage, and I do not. I will concede that he is human though.

Mods merge please yawn, rolling eyes

Well, Hallelujia! It's not only msm. It's fans, this website, the word on the street.. it's all media. Any feedback is media.

Both Mitchell & Reilly are free agents after this year. Would take either of them as our starter in a heartbeat.

Why is it unfair to compare Bo with Masoli? All the Masoli Stans keep on telling us they are both “Elite? QB’s.

But Masoli isn't elite - and anyone that says he is now is just being a stubborn internet troll.

If we were doing power rankings today of QBs it would probably look something like this:


The rest.

Trevor Harris is not a better QB than Masoli.

You nailed it.

I consider myself a long time Masoli fan and have never told anyone that I consider him 'elite', nor have I ever equated Masoli to Mitchell. Not even sure what it means for a QB to be considered 'elite', to be honest. However, my gut reaction is that the 'anti-Masoli' crowd is more likely to use the term, and usually use it to tell us that Masoli is not 'elite', or use as a put down against those of us who choose to support our QB.

Really now? Which QB’s team has more wins and is in first place by 2 games and just finished beating us. Step into realty please.

Right, Crash. Anybody that doesn't agree with you is an Internet troll. Masoli was minus a couple important receivers his last 3 games and the dropped balls too. We've seen what he can do with healthy receivers. There's no question he is in the elite conversation.