Masoli Doesn't Take Off Nearly Enough

If you have the option of throwing for the 10 yards or running for the 10 yards a QB should always run for the 10 yards. 3 things can happen when you pass and two of them are bad and risking potential injury to the receiver. If Masoli takes off when it's there and slides before he gets hit, he might even draw a roughing penalty. The reason I think Masoli doesn't take off when it's there and tries to force a pass is because he has passing yards in his head. He's got this tunnel vision for completing a pass rather than being aware of his surroundings. In my opinion he definitely needs to pull it down and take off. He's gotten away from that and when he did take off in that Ottawa game, there was nothing there. I think Masoli needs to consider using his strengths alot better than just being concerned with passing. When he does that, he's a tough deal to beat.

IMO, a QB run works best when unexpected, or when the LBs drop into pass coverage. If a QB runs too often, the defence just puts a “spy? on him and attacks at the line of scrimmage. Plus, few QBs can take the constant pounding from running into traffic. For me, that is why you have a running back, which seems to be a weak spot in our current line-up.

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I believe this is the first time in all my years of watching football that I have ever heard someone suggest a QB needs to run more to reduce the chance of his receivers getting injured.

If you hang around long enough you'll see something you've never seen before.
Earlier this season someone gave Masoli and the Cats credit for a Grey Cup they didn't even play in.

Simply astonishing

Masoli doesn't win nearly enough.

Some of you people here ... unbelieveable..... I didn't say Masoli should run more to protect his receivers, I said that is a benefit to it. Not that he should run all game. The Masoli haters can't stand anything to do with him. Don't want to hear any suggestions to help him even though he probably laughs at them all. It's pretty obvious that some of you want Masoli to fail. and that's just sad. It's selfish. Go root for the Alouettes if you love Manziel so much. Go have that poutine. Knock yourself out. As for me, I'm hanging around here and cheering for the Ticats regardless of the Quarterback or Coach.

Masoli haters?

You're the guy who said he makes decisions to the detriment of the team in order to pad his own passing yardage stats.

You are absolutely correct. He now has a losing record as our starter. How many games has Bo Levi Mitchell lost in his CFL career over many years and how many has Masoli lost as a Ti-Cat starter? Look it up, it’s mind boggling. Now tell me are we headed in the right direction?

by my count he is .500.
4-4 in backup roles
6-4 last season
2-4 this season.


Try 12-13 Now how many has Bo lost in his CFL career?

No, I did not say that. I said he has tunnel vision and because the media beats passing records to death all day long, it's always on the forefront of his mind. They put all this pressure on him to break passing records. He thinks he has to live up to the media narrative of what he is. I don't care if he crawls for the yardage.

how is it 12-13 now? I clearly broke down where the 12-12 came from...

Oh ya, but how many times has Bo Levi taken off in his career?? ???
I'll bet it's way less than Masoli

He doesn’t need to take off because he can make the throws. He sees the field. He goes through his progressions and makes plays. Why the heck would he need to take off. Get real man he is the real deal, Masoli only looks to the primary receiver aka number 13 this year. He does not have the goods face it.

In most cases, the OC calls the plays and not the QB, hence the need for helmet speakers and wrist bands with the play indexes. The QB may decide to run on his own if the defence alignment indicates an opportunity, or if the pass routes called are covered or break down. Generally speaking however, it is the OC and not the QB, so I would think we need to cut Jeremiah a bit of slack on the idea that he is wanting to pad his passing stats, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

I'd love to see Mitchell on the Cats, playing for Hamilton. Think Hufnagel or Dickenson would be agreeable?

Here is the quote from Drew Edwards “That glass-half-emptiness is buttressed by Masoli’s sub .500 record as a starter (now 12-13), dismal performances at home (3-8) and inability to get it done in the fourth quarter.?

Maybe Drew is wrong.

I would take Bo over Masoli any day.