Masoli Beats Ray

The stench of Hamilton losing inexcusably to Cleo Lemon in the 2010 ESF has now been fumigated.

Ah yes I remember that game and couldn't believe that they would lose to a "Lemon" and Barker as the HC at the time! :oops:
This time they beat a future "Hall of Fame" QB with their fourth stringer so all the embarrassment belongs to TO :lol:

Great point and post...tabbiefanmcb

I do remember that one, and the number of unforced errors leading to the loss in that one. It sure wasn't one of Marcus Thigpen's better games, as I recall two fumbles from him being recovered by Toronto. And I also remember DeAngelis missing an easy FG in his last game playing for this team, and that was one reason Medlock was brought in here prior to the 2011 season.

About midway through the third quarter of this one, I was prepared to compare this game to the 2004 EDSF game. Because in that game the team did not get any points until one of the game's last plays, when Toronto's current OC threw a TD pass to Morreale. Fortunately for us, the offence did start to get somewhere in this one before it was too late.

When we look back on this one, we may see it this way: One team had a star and future hall-of-famer at QB, and the other team was relying on a QB was #4 on the depth chart for most of the year. And guess who won.

I have no idea what you are talking about there was not a ESF in 2010, game was cancelled!
 QB's get the credit and the blame for this team game.

Luckily we have a deep team with character and players stepping up to replaced the many injured.
Ti-Cat Team won! :thup:

Glenn threw two picks. Thigpen fumbled twice. McDaniel one fumble.

You people are nuts, there was no 2010 ESF!

Yup ryan - your memory is DEFINITELY gone - or at least VERY rusty! :wink: :lol:

Just re-watched the eastern semi-final game highlights on YouTube on Nov.15/2010...Tor16...Ham13... a sad day

You guys aren't listening to ryan. That wasn't a real game; it was faked at the same facility as the so-called moon landings.

(Right, ryan? :wink: )

I hadn't realized that it was 5 years to the EXACT date - November 15- when the two games were played.

I was at the Labour Day Classic in 2010 when the Ticats put a GOOD beating on the Blue team (can't remember the exact score but it was a good game. I was sure they would put the boots to them in the 2010 semi-final and totally shocked when the "Lemon" actually led the TO team past us. Of course they did lose the following week to Montreal. :smiley: