OK ... So at halftime during the Stamps / Riders preseason contest, a few of us were trying to name off some of the mascots for each CFL team ... And of course - we couldn't name half of them ... we weren't even sure - does every CFL team have an official mascot?

Roughriders - Gainer the gopher. It took a while for us to remember the name of this mascot ... but with the help of a fine (and almost sober) rider fan wearing a homemade pilsner-box cowboy hat (or his friend .. cant remember) - we were able to name one of the leagues most appropriote team mascots. A drunken female, wearing green, also informed us that there was another gopher .. but could not recall its name.

Stampeders - Barf the dog ... Err - I mean Ralph the dog. Or is it Harvey the Hound ... whichever - the dog sucks and as far as I know has nothing to do with the team/province ... it looks partially retarded. OK -its a shiddy mascot .. but probably THE most appropriote ... Why waste a good mascot on Calgary fans ...

Bombers - Buzz & Boomer ... without question - the best mascots in the league. I have to admit .. watching Buzz & Boomer beat the hell out of the "green drop" every home game is way funnier than it should be .. I have no idea how they can convince anyone to dawn the "green drop" gear for each game ... its practically a death sentence. I miss Buzz & Boomer ... instead I have to watch Barf the dog do his best to keep the Stampeder fans awake.

Eskimos - its a polar bear ... but we can't remember its name. Pretty good mascot ... I dunno what to say about this mascot ... Its a hell of a lot better than the goddamn dog in the south ... Anyone know its name?

Lions - I'm going to assume its a lion ... but i can't say i've ever seen it.

Argonauts - who knows ... I think you need fans before you have a mascot ... Pinball kinda looks like a mascot ... Does anyone know if Mike Clemmons is the official mascot or not ... ?

Tigercats - i cant remember .. but i think the mascot looks like a yellow / black "tigger" kinda thing ...

Renegades - I have no idea ... I dont even remember the old Rough Riders mascot ... both are probably a big fluffy bounced cheque or something. Can anyone help name / identify this one ... ?

Alouettes - no idea.


In Montreal, the traditionnal mascot is Touché, and the inflatable one is Blitz.

I believe Blitz is the only mascot that ever got its team a major foul (unsportsmanlike conduct). The Don reached the top of it’s “Pissed meter” when that happened.

Isn't the Stampeders' mascot "Pooper" the horse?

oh? Do tell … what did “Blitz” do to earn this accolade?


I think he try to eat a referre's head....

I believe the name of Gainer's sidekick is Leonard the Gopher.

Some people may think that the gopher mascots are stupid, but I disagree. At least they are better than some other mascots who try to be cool but really are not. Gainer is like Napoleon Dynamite....not cool but funny nonetheless.

LOL! That is exactly what it did!

After a play, the line judge was already in position for the next one. But players weren't moving much, like there was a commercial break coming or something. The person inside Blitz then thought it would be funny to grab the line judge's hat with its beak. But it kinda grabbed its whole head instead of just the hat, and the judge felt assaulted by the mascot.

According to the rules, no one has the right to touch a ref, mascots included, so Blitz was penalized.

Bc has Leo the Lion

Holy Shid the argos got four of 'em

they're kinda creapy

Then there is Ruffy the Renegade I think he's a beaver

and the ticat got 3
Stripes Tc and pigskin pete

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…ruffy the renegade beaver…hmmmmmmmmmm…

…Statik, why don’t you volunteer to be the stamps mascot?..I don’t quite have you figured out, shell out good money to complain about everything…maybe you need ot go back home to mosquitoville or whereever it was you were dropped on yer noggin…

The best mascotts in the league are def. the Bombers: Buzz & Boomer

I thought about self apointing myself as the Stampeder mascot. But since, I drink beer, yell, stand in the stands, and jeer the opposing team while having a good time - I clearly would not be a good fit for Calgary. Not to mention .. I thought a jackass was a donkey .. not a horse ... Hmmm - maybe I would be a good fit! hah....

PS - Most of my negative comments regarding the "blackhole of fun" (aka McMahon Library) are aimed at antogonizing my arch nemesis .. The Stampeder fans. Tho each and every complaint is true ... No - really - honestly.

Seriously tho - I hate barf the dog.


first things first i would like a opinion on who do you think is the best mascot in the CFL please feel free to jot it down.

i reallyhaven't seen the other mascots except the eskimos and the montreal one. but i'd say the eskies... nanoook haha ya

The Argos Used To, Up Untill Last Season, Had Some Big Headed Argonaut That Was Sponsored By Pizza Pizza, He Was Much Better Then The Bouce Mascots. Although The Bouncette Miget Had Me In Hestarics The Last Time I Talked To Her.

Buzz And Boomer Are Still The Best, And Which Of Montreals Mascots Jumps Around On His Head?

blitz is his name

.........but look at it this way statik.......once you become a mascot (even an Archnemesis mascot) you could play mascot football at halftime in an upcoming could unload a chopblock on the Dog..........

I am not to sure who's got the best mascot, but the argo's family of creepy aliens are deffinitly the worst.