we're all arguing about who has better QB's D's, stadiums, and even cheerleaders, lets talk about something that really matters: the mascots! I have to be biased, Nanook is cool and all but that new angry little football mascot the esks have is Hilarious! I like how he wears a darth vader mask sometimes to play up to the 'evil empire of the cfl' tag the esks sometimes get.

Toronto's new guy is better than the old one they had. Im glad their not using that philly fanatic rip off guy anymore like they used to years ago.. their argo dude has been redone to not appear so harmless and to make him more intimidating. I used to like the Bombers one as a kid with the whacky gold helmet. Obviously have fun memories of Harvey the hound (and all Calgarian canines even stampeder ones) .

That one als mascot that jumps around in a plastic suit only half filled with air is funny. The Raptors have the same concept. they jump around looking high or something...When the ALs beat the Lions on that last touchdown drive he was the first thing you saw jumping up and down its really funny he looks possesed.


I hate that gopher. Who's idea was it to have a gopher? :roll:

Who is Nanook?

Is that mascot a gopher, or a beaver?, which makes alot more sense.



KK, Nanook is a polar bear.....but I can easily see how you could confuse that with a beaver or a gopher, being that they're the same colour and all.....not to mention that beavers and gophers are synonymous with Eskimos.....[/sarcasm]

Nah. jm02, I didn't mean that Nanook was a Beaver, I though he was talking abou the Football guy.

So, Nanook is the name of the Polar bear? cool, what does it mean?

Obviously, Kanga's too young (and too "other side of the planet") to remember the old "Nanook of the North". Although I can't remember if it was a book, movie, or both.

Who cares they are all zipper heads.

When the day comes that we don't have enough oxygen on Earth for everyone, I will blame the mascots.

.......yes, but nothing beats Halftime Football featuring those very same Mascots......about as zany as a Hamilton-Ottawa game.......

Touché all the way !

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Blitz was cool when he jumped on the head...

IIRC, we also have the only mascot (Blitz) who got a 15 yrds penalty for touching a ref after a TD !

GAINER !!! and his cousin Leanord.

There'll never be anyone to compare with the San Diego Chicken. Bless his papier maché heart. Does the Alouette fan who balances his drink on his bald head count as a mascot? He's been around since Hal Patterson and Red O Quinn.

When the Expos folded I was hoping the Als would grab Youpie but the Canadians did instead

I'm just thankful the Argos replaced that totally gay Bounce family (now that's a mascot troupe you would just love to continuously brain with a steel chair) with Jason, but in my personal opinion, when it came to Argo mascots, Scully beat them all hands down.

T.C. beats them all hands down. He has more to do with the team name than a gopher has to do with "Roughriders". His antics are hilarious and at times in past years have been the most entertaining part of the game at Ivor Wynne. (This year the cheerleaders win that distinction.) And though there was no penalty for it, he remains the only mascot to run down an official with an ATV.

But alas, the old guy is becoming much more tame in his old age, and the team's obsession with youth has not ended at the locker room. The new guy, Stripes, is a more teen-oriented mascot, and has gradually been edging the senior tiger out of his esteemed position.

Perhaps when Pigskin Pete retires, you'll see T.C. in the #6 jersey with the bowler hat, leading the crowd in Oskee-Wee-Wees.

Ah, the circle of life!

ummmm, Dave? The forementioned gopher is a Rider Prider. You're probably thinking of that eagle (at least I think its an eagle) Winnipeg has. And speaking of ol' Pigskin Pete, wouldn't you think he had an offspring to take over his duties when he eventually "passes the torch"? Although, the concept of Petey fathering any kids is about as about as much a mental cold shower as say.... Double K reproducing?

that what I have to say abou that, and he is what my future kids have to say about it.

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:oops: Sorry mongo, you're right. I meant to say "Roughrider," but in thinking about all the mascots that I know, somehow I got confused and wrote "Blue Bomber". It's corrected now.

Beautiful pictures, Kanga...especially that second one. Isn't it nice to see that kids these days are learning the important things at such a young age?