Mascots at the playoff games

i was just wondering if a home playoff team should ban other teams mascot during any playoff games? i remember a certain team (Calgary) did this to a certain mascot (Gainer)at a certain Western Final playoff game. :cowboy: What do you think?

No way, all mascots should be there, that was just a bone head move by the Stumps :slight_smile:

If Regina wants to bring their rat to Calgary to watch the Eskimos, I see no problem.

Seeing as Alberta has a so called rat free policy, and that is why Gainer wasnt allowed to attend the playoff game a couple of years back, I wonder if Gainer will be allowed at the Grey Cup when the Riders get there.

he can dig his way into McMahon stadium :slight_smile:

I think there is also rule that says no more than 10,000 hillbillies (that means no concealed banjo's) at a Grey Cup, so if the riders were to luck out another win against Calgary (high unlikely) they can't rely on their fans to help them win this game. This means they will have to use their "skills", which will result in even a bigger pounding by the eastern representative.

PS I wouldn't want that pathetic rat (gainer) at a local land fill (unless it could be buried under 100ft of concrete).

Why would a team pick a gopher as a mascot? It's one of the dumbest animals in the country....I guess that explains their fan base, LOL

wow 5440 aren't we sour and your Lions haven't even lost yet lol, yeah I guess it does explain their massive fan base, I'm from B.C. so I guess you can add me in there :slight_smile: I guess I'm a B.C hillbilly cheering for the Riders? if it makes you feel any better Lions are my second team :slight_smile:

Dude, you gotta chill, I'm just having fun. It's another slow night in Regina....yeeha!

Folk from these parts tell me the riders are the only game in town,while in BC they have the Canucks which are the bigger deal. So if you you were to combine the two fans bases then they would beat the rider fan base if you want to compare apples to apples, or gopher to gopher.

The riders are my 5th favorite team

Don't let 5440 get to you. As a Lions fan he's had to learn to put up with Crazy Pete banging his drum as he runs through the stands. I guess that's what it takes to get 10000 pot-smoking-hippies to be interested in a football game. They all think that there's gonna be a drum-circle out on the beach after the game, and they think that's pretty groovy, baby.

Speaking of great mascots, how about Fin? What exactly does he have to do with the Canucks? Oh yeah, he's a former corporate mascot from the days when the team was owned by Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment.

riders are my 8th favorite team personally…

Only mascots I hate are the Bomber mascots Boozer and Bummer, who are actually street winos, who are given a bottle of cheap wine each game to perform!

nah, that’s just wrong, and I am glad that Calgary paid the price for doing that.

What was Calgary’s reason for doing that again?

DUDE! no! Buzz and Boomer are the best! (allow I wish one of guys eyes weren't bloodshot, that's sick)