Mascot Hunt --- Looking for Eskimoose

When I lived in Edmonton in the early 90's the mascot was the Eskimoose. It was replaced by a bear. I was trying to describe the moose to someone and looked for an internet photo of it. Google and Yahoo don't have any pics at all.


I always wished for the Edmonton mascot to be a guy clubbing a seal. I don't think it will ever happen though.

That was helpful. :slight_smile:

I thought Danny Maciocia was the mascot....

Looks like a fine piece of CFL history is lost forever.
Eskimoose was a great pun.

I always thought that Calgary should have a 'Stamp-Eater'

From what I've heard, there's a few StampEaters there. They all hang out down at Cowboys.

^...that doesn't even make sense....

I thought they had a BEAR not a CHIPMUNK.

Have you tried contacting the Journal or Sun? Maybe it's in their archives.

Edmonton had a Chipmink as a Mascot????????? 8)

I thought he was a hobbit....

Whenever I see Machocia, I think of Chip N Dale from the cartoons.


must be nice to be an edmonton fan where you never have to worry about not being able to see past the coach. just look over the bugger.

I always thought he would make a good Barney Rubble.

The Eskimo mascots I remember are the two people in gorilla costumes. They were always on the sidelines at Commonwealth. Whatever happened to them?