Marwan's Pop Gun Snaps

Dr. Mr. Hage.

The formation wherein the quarterback stands approximately four yards (directly) behind your butt is called a shotgun formation.

Your snaps this year in said formation have been horrific. Especially from a professional athlete herein referred to as the centre.

The quarterback (that guy behind you) should not have to jump, bend, reach, chase or any other number of "action words" other than CATCH your snap. Preferably at about the portion of his anatomy known as his stomach.

Taking one's eye off the preferred location (which we will now refer to as the quarterback's "targets") does not allow him ample time to find said targets whilst running for one's life.

I leave you now in the hope that the new coach will permit you extra time to practice this obviously difficult task in order to correct the extreme deficiencies that appear to impair you.

Your friends and colleagues expect nothing less from someone said to be an "all star" centre.



You make a very good point, hendy.

How this guy is an All Star is beyond me????

Maybe the football writers like his community work??

This guy is a joke, how he survives game in game out astonishes me. He has 5+ bad snaps PER GAME, you shouldn't even have ONE per game, and he's supposed to be an All-Star? Give me a break, he's only an All-Star on the worst team in the CFL, and even then I'd put some of our OL ahead of him.

Some of Hage's critics might want to consider some reasons for his snap mishaps recently.Carl Coulter used to sweat excessively to the point where Danny Mac was throwing a "spitter".Perhaps Marwan has a finger or hand injury.O linemen don't complain and don't make excuses about being hurt.That is not part of who they are as linemen.
More often than not the quarterback misses the snap because he is looking downfield to get an early read on the defence.If the snap is not perfect,it is still the quarterback's job to catch it.
Finally,Hage does not have a history of bad snaps since his arrival from the Colorado Buffalos.Let's cut him some slack,people.The man is the heart and soul of our OLine.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Why is Hage playing centre anyway? He was a guard at Colorado. And Gagne-Marcoux was a centre at Central Florida.

(Obviously with Gagne-Marcoux injured they would have had to move Hage to centre anyway, but it would have made sense to try to start the season the other way.)

You feel better now hendy??

Maybe hage should go down to Taco Bell and start evaluating your work habits...


He's welcome anytime. But...he'll have to pay me $90 every time I stuff a taco.

Then we'd both be paying the same amount to watch each other do our jobs.

Hey hendy77,

Why don't you go down to Ivor Wynne Stadium and tell Marwan to his face exactly how you feel.

I'll bet he'd be man enough to tell you to your face what he thinks about your post. AND, he'd have the stones not to hide behind a computer while he does it!

Anybody else want to see if hendy77 will do it? I'll even pay your bus fare to the stadium the next day the Cats have an open practice so you and try and meet Marwan on his way to the field!

its a fan forum people... its a humourous way of displaying his displeasure at marwans shitty play of late.

So then you won't be giving him a ride back to Taco Bell after he talks to Marwan?

Come to think of it, he might be bleeding all over your seats, so will you at least pay for his bus fare home?

Just don't break the meat hose.
How will I get my tacos if the meat hose is broken?

Post of the month...if not the year.


Did somebody mention tacos?

Better question is why do we line up in the shotgun so often if our center is having issues snapping it to the QB in that formation?

I thought George Hudson played centre in Ottawa. Why not try him and move Hage to Hudson's position to keep the NI ratios in balance. Might be worth considering.