Marwan Hage's community work

Marwan Hage has gotten his old buddy Adriano Belli
to help out needy Hamilton families on Thanksgiving.

Kudos to the both of them!

On Saturday, Hamilton Tiger-Cats centre Marwan Hage will take part in a Thanksgiving food share program

as a part of his Hage's Heroes community initiative.

Hage has teamed up FTC Canada and, with the help
of Toronto Argonauts defensive tackle Adriano Belli,

will provide Thanksgiving meals to 1,000 families in Hamilton.

Hage will meet Belli at Mariposa Meats to load a truck
with 1,000 hams, then return to Hamilton to distribute

the hams and food boxes provided by FTC Canada to families
at Hughson Street Baptist Church later that afternoon.


At practices, Belli used tell me that
he was going to throw the quarteback

up into the stands beside me next game.

He never did throw a QB up to me
when he played here for the Ticats

I think it is only fair that Belli
comes on the truck to Hamilton,

and shows me that he is, at least,
capable of throwing hams around. :lol:

Thanks to Marwan and Adriano! Great guys.

I don;t Adriano Belli on the Field but off he a great Guy.
Thanks guys

I read in the Spec today that Marwan paid for the turkeys/hams for those boxes out of his own pocket. I can't put into words how much respect I have for him for all that he does for this community. He's done us proud. I think he should be a shoe-in for the Tom Pate award.

Thanks for all the extra effort off the field, Marwan. You're making a huge difference!!! :thup:

It's really inspiring to see this kind of benevolence going on in our community.
Marwan and Adriano deserve our thanks for their great act of charity.

Because of their humanitarianism, 1,000 families will benefit and the true meaning
Thanksgiving will be felt by each of us.

God bless Marwan and Adriano! :thup:

Fantastic gesture by both guys.

Hage should definitely win the Tom Pate Award for ALL of his off-field generosity this year.