Marwan Hage

Now that his rights have been dealt to Calgary just prior to the draft, I wonder if he’ll have second thoughts about retiring. I can understand why he’d be reluctant to go to an expansion team like Ottawa but the Stamps are a whole different ballgame. Hufnagel said as much after the trade.

I’d love to see him continue to play, even if it isn’t for Hamilton where he really belongs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Can Hamilton get him back now that he has been traded to CGY?
Would love for that to happen, but his contract is a problem!

According to Drew:

Marwan ain't in game shape. Nor will he report to camp.

It's over . He's retired . Let it go.

Its only his rights so he would have to unretire and then the stamps do whatever they want but he retired and will stay a cat

But it’s interesting that he didn’t rule out coming back when asked yesterday. I think he said something like “you never know”, if he was positive he wasn’t coming back wouldn’t he have said “no way” ?

When you’re as passionate about the game of football as Marwan Hage, you will always regret having retired without reaching the pinnacle of the sport - in this case winning the Grey Cup.
Under the right circumstances and with a real opportunity to win a Cup, I think Hufnagal could convince Hage to join Calgary.
Otherwise, Marwan’s good friend, Argo great Adriano Belli, will never let him forget that Belli has won a Cup and Marwan has none!

Read he never actually filed paperwork, so technically he is not retired. Perhaps a further indication that he has yet to convince himself that he does’t want to play. I can understand why an expansion team wouldn’t be attractive to a grizzled vet who likely really only wants another shot at a Cup, but the Stamps are a different kettle of fish. Time will tell.

Could be that Marwan hasn't filed his papers so he can see the union negotiations through.

If Marwan hadn't been drafted by Ottawa, I think he would've continued his career in Hamilton once he had recovered from his injuries. That's why I think there's a better than even chance he'll eventually play for the Stamps with its established lineup. It may even be a Adriano Belli-type of arrangement where he joins the team for the last few games of the season, gearing up for the playoffs.

An Argo-Cat fan

I wonder if the Stamps really want him to play or as stated just a fill-in for a starter before the playoffs. I also wonder if the Ticats would try to trade to get his rights back. Very interesting off-season with this expansion draft mucking up the waters.

Ottawa will receive a conditional pick if Calgary trades Hage's rights to another team.

The Ti-Cats already determined that Marwan Hage was expendable when they failed to protect him prior to the expansion draft. Why would they now trade assets to re-acquire Hage’s rights which were earlier deemed to be expendable?
That would be a rather senseless move by the Ti-Cat brain trust wouldn’t it?

No, they determined that there were six non-imports more valuable than Hage, or maybe gambled that Ottawa wouldn’t pick a player nearing retirement. Either way, it is not the same as Hage being expendable.

For various reasons (that are now irrelevant), the Ti-Cat brain trust determined that Marwan Hage was NOT ESSENTIAL to the football team going forward. That’s precisely why they decided not to protect him prior to the expansion draft. You do not “gamble” with the rights of a player who you consider to be ESSENTIAL to the team going forward.
NOT ESSENTIAL is one of the definitions of EXPENDABLE… look it up.