Marwan Hage

A Fantastic story by Drew on how hard working Marwan is to come back from injury and play this year.
This is one dedicated and motivated guy.

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[b]Puskas says Hage’s near-constant presence in the Mac facilities has had a positive influence on the varsity athletes.

“He’s the type of guy that wants instruction and every day it’s the same total effort with each set, each exercise,? Puskas says. “He’s a professional and he approaches his rehabilitation like he approaches the game.?

After his aqua jog, Hage gets a massage of the muscles around his knee — the tiny scars of his arthroscopic incisions are barely visible — and then wraps the joint in a giant blue sleeve that will run ice water around the joint. After close to six hours, he’s almost done.

“Everything I’m doing in my rehab is structured around what I do on the field so when I go back out there the knee and the brain aren’t going to be all freaked out by what’s going on,? Hage says, looking down at his now near frozen knee. “I know I’ll be ready.?[/b]

Nice! Appreciate the link Grover. :thup:

Thanks for the link. Very informative.

An Argo-Cat fan

I certainly wish Marwan the quickest recovery time possible for his injury.

He would leave a huge void in our O Line if he can't play.

I certainly admire his determination, not to mention his

penchant for good public works.

Thank you, Marwan! Hang in there because you're

going to make it back in fine form.

Marwan is an amazing person and a true asset on and off the field. He is an example of what all athletes and human beings should be. He gives so much of himself to the team and people of Hamilton.

All the best for a speedy recovery.

and speaking of OLs, what about this Canadian prospect who will probably make it in the NFL

[url=] ... e-prospect[/url]

I hope a CFL team has his rights - just in case he, can run a 40-yard dash: 5.25 seconds, that's faster than a lot of RBs put him in the backfield a 311 pound RB

Allouettes drafted Philip Blake in the 3rd round of the 2011 CFL draft and 5.25 would be an unacceptable 40 time for a running back. It would be around the middle of the pack for an offensive lineman according to the NFL combine results.

Might be middle of the pack for an OL in the NFL but that's fast for a Canadian!! I just can't imagine a 311 pound guy running a 5.25.

The fastest OL in the 40 at the 2011 CFL evaluation camp ran a 5.14 but a fast 40 time is not that critical for an OL. The first OL taken in last year's CFL draft (Scott Mitchell) only ran a 5.53 which was in the bottom third of the times posted by all OLs tested.
Much more important are quickness, balance and agility, strength and leverage, one-on-one blocking technique, etc.

What's this 6' 2 3/4", in the CFL players are bigger in the hammer he would be listed at 6' 4". :wink:

how did this thread get hijacked to combine results?

We have a story about our veteran all star center, captain of the offensive line for all blocking assignments, handles the ball on almost every offensive play in the game.
He is coming off of a serious knee injury and working 6 hrs a day in rehab to get his knee and body ready for this season.
I would also like to mention that this guy is just as passionate in his voluteer work in the community and globally as he is for our team!
When other players see what commitment a veteran like Marwan brings to the team it has to influence them, as it should influence us the fans also.

Thanks Grover. So often the posters on here talk about everything but the topic. As far as Marwan goes there are few people as nice and caring as he is. It was great news to read how hard he is working to get ack for this season. Having met Marwan several times he is always willing to chat and spend some time with the fans. His Hage's Heroes program provides many children with the chance to see the Ticats play. His unending work in many other humanitarian areas show how great a person he is.

My sentiments exactly. Last week we were vigorously discussing a topic when a
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Lets stick to the topic here which is Marwan Hage. :thup: