Marwan Hage

How was this guy ever an Eastern Div. all-star.
He's the worst centre in the league at shotgun snaps.
Again last night if Glenn didn't catch that one in the 4th quarter it would have been a Mtl touchdown.
He's brutal snapping.

That dumb snap also cost us a down at a critical time in the game when Glenn was staging a comeback. How many more times does Hage have to do this before he corrects it?

In case you didn't notice, every other center in the league has trouble snapping sometimes too. It's his great blocking skills and awareness as well as his locker room presence that won him the starting job.

Now why would you say something so logical on a perfectly good witch hunt thread?? :roll:

Well, he’s not the worst Centre, he’s a solid blocker, he just can’t snap the ball. To me, Hage should be in Hudson’s spot, and Hudson in Hage’s. Play them at their NATURAL positions.

Watch the O-line one entire game and you will appreciate Marwan's talents. I promise you.

And you'll never see the game the same again.

Maybe he can block. Put the snapping mistakes cannot continue.
Those are not only momentum killers but unneceassary turnovers.
Consistency is the key in any sports.

Case you didn't notice, snapping mistakes happen all the time to every team. Edmonton had like 3 in one game this year where the severely misnapped almost causing a fumble. If Hage was a problem, the coaches would be the first to pick up on it and replace him, not some idiot getting his panties in a knot on the forums.

the reason that marwan is a starter is because his experience in:
Blocking DT's,
Identifying Defences,
talking to the O-line for changing responisbilities,
snapping the ball

Personally i have not watched many teams where the centre will not have a bad snap (either gun or under centre) within i few games. It is perfectly normal to have one bad snap every 75 plays.

the cats run a lot of gun plays and that means maybe 100/175 plays are gun how many times can you get it right without a mistake?

Congrautlations! You win the award for the dumbest Thread of the week: "Worst Centre in the league." You do go on to focus soley on snapping (you're wrong there as well), but the intial topic name is a joke. Hage is among the top three centres in the league. I can only suggest you bend over, grab a football, call the o-line formations, take a gander at a 300 lb gorrila ready to clock you, and flip the ball back to your QB. Marwan had a strong game in Montreal...take a look at the tape...if you know how to break down o-line play. BTW...Marwan is on track to be Eastern Division All Star again. Having a strong year.

People in the league know Hage's value as a center. He has ZERO to worry about. He makes erratic snaps from time to time, but it is in no way chronic. He rarely gets owned in a game because of incompetence by opposing DTs. I am more concerned about a center's blocking in both phases of the offensive game than snapping.

Long snappers? Their role is magnified and by the nature of the kicking game, their snaps must be Rockwell-perfect.

Oski Wee Wee,

In case you didn't notice, every other center in the league has trouble snapping sometimes too. It's his great blocking skills and awareness as well as his locker room presence that won him the starting job.
then why not move him to guard, the team would be better off just replacing him with a veteran centre, or actually spending money to properly groom and develop a top talent centre, hage just cant snap period. If the cats love his presence move him to guard and let stay outta the QBs way.

I'm concerned by what seems to be a disproportionately high number of bad snaps from Marwan, but have you ever played or coached O-line at the pro level? Being a good centre is about much more than snapping the ball and blocking heads-up. If Hage was as easy to replace as you seem to imagine, don't you think the Cats would have done so?

like honestly i decided this year that i wanted to learn how to snap well since i could shot gun it ...okay.... and i became 3rd string centre (1st Left Tackle) and when i would snap the ball i began to have trouble calling everything out for the O-line for blocking like the style of D any blitzs and stunts. changes in the front vs our play call (ex. a 1 teck in the 2 hole during a 22 dive or 32 lead) also snaping and getting off the LOS at the same time. I know i am no where close to being Pro but at the level that I do well in i found this much harder.