Marwan Hage an All-Star

The All -Star Team voted on by the players and coaches is obviously the most valid recognition that a player can receive.Congratulations to Marwan for being chosen by his peers as the best at his position.Most sports reporters and fans don't have a clue about the OLine play.Frequently on this site,the TiCat OLine has been vilified.Well it appears that the players and coaches know a good thing when they see it.Also noteworthy is the fact that the entire All-Star OLine is Canadian.Not one import tackle was chosen by the players and coaches.
Congratulations to Nick Setta the All-Star punter who had another great year.His towering punts reminded this old guy of Cam Fraser, a TiCat legendary kicker. :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Congrats to both Marwan and Nick.

Both of these guys are All-Stars on and off the field.
What a great asset to the team and the community

Strangely enough, I couldn't find info about this on the CFL Players' Association site, However, there is a writeup on the Edmonton Eskimos' site, including an explanation of the voting process:

In case anyone is curious, the CFLPA site has results from 1996 to 2007 here:

Mike Morreale

Director of Marketing Pro Players

The CFLPA All Star Nominations are voted on by peers.

[all current members on the eight CFL Member Clubs
as well as all positional coaches for each Club.]

This year we received over 420 ballots that determined the 2008 winners.

Only players who have PLAYED 12 or more games during the season are eligible.

Players and coaches MAY NOT VOTE for any player
or coach that is a member of their own team.

The voting is conducted in a unique manner.

The players may only vote for the All-Stars
in the positions they go head-to-head with

since they can best judge the abilities and skills of these players.

i.e. wide receivers and slotbacks are voted for
by defensive backs & secondary coaches.

All players and coaches may vote for
the Head Coach and Special Teams Player.

The voting is conducted as follows:

Each player will select 3 players at the specified positions
on their ballot and rank them 1st through 3rd.

First place votes will receive 3 points,

2nd place votes will receive two points
and 3rd place votes will receive one point.

We wish to congratulate all the All-Stars
on a well deserved acknowledgement

as well as an outstanding season
both on and off the field.

2008 CFLPA All Stars Players [and Head Coach]

Quarterback – Anthony Calvillo – Montreal Alouettes
Offensive Tackle – Wayne Smith – Saskatchewan Roughriders
Offensive Tackle – Patrick Kabongo – Edmonton Eskimos
Offensive Guard – Gene Makowsky – Saskatchewan Roughriders
Offensive Guard – Scott Flory – Montreal Alouettes
Offensive Centre – Marwan Hage – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Running Back – Wes Cates – Saskatchewan Roughriders
Fullback – Mathieu Bertrand – Edmonton Eskimos
Slotback – Geroy Simon – BC Lions
Slotback – Jamal Richardson – Montreal Alouettes
Wide Receiver – Ken Yon Rambo – Calgary Stampeders
Wide Receiver – Kerry Watkins – Montreal Alouettes

Defensive End – Cameron Wake – BC Lions
Defensive End – Brent Johnson – BC Lions
Defensive Tackle – Keron Williams – Montreal Alouettes
Defensive Tackle – Doug Brown – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Linebacker – Maurice Lloyd – Saskatchewan Roughriders
Linebacker – Jojuan Armour – Calgary Stampeders
Linebacker – Ezekeil Moreno – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Cornerback – Brandon Browner – Calgary Stampeders
Cornerback – Dante Marsh – BC Lions
Halfback – Jason Goss – Edmonton Eskimos
Halfback – Korey Banks – BC Lions
Safety – Barron Miles – BC Lions

Special Teams – Dominique Dorsey – Toronto Argonauts
Punter – Damon Duval – Montreal Alouettes
Nick Setta – Hamilton Tiger-Cats [this confuses me..Pk? P?]
Place Kicker – Sandro DeAngelis – Calgary Stampeders

Head Coach – Marc Trestman – Montreal Alouettes

Congratulations to all the players who made the all star team, but what an embarrassment as a TiCat fan of many years to see some of many Bonehead trades we have made over the years, no wonder were in last place year after year. :oops: :oops:

I don't care who voted for this. Hage and the rest of the Ticat O-Line did not play like all-stars this year. Hage in particular made several errant snaps at brutal times in games that cost us dearly.

If the Ticats could sign Dominic Picard (a Bomber free agent this year who is a much bigger man than Hage and a much better blocker) to replace Hage, I would do it in a heartbeat.

My sentiments, exactly, Tina.

Congratulations, fellas. :rockin:

Play on Football Field IMO is only part of want Makes an Alstar.
Marwan Work off the field is something to behold
Add his Play on the Field you have a all Star Go Hoggiees!!!

I guess you would know better than the players and coaches who go head-to-head against him.

We did have the best rushing game in the league this year, so it's possible the O-line did something right.

Well if you don't think Hage did well, that settles it. Cut Hage :roll:

While we're at it maybe we should NOT re-sign Setta and get rid of Thompson and Knowlton too. :thdn:

I'm not sure what O-Line you were watching this year, but the one I saw played very poorly.

And if you're using the "we have the best rushing attack in the CFL argument," you might want to ask yourself about how great our pass blocking was.

My greatest concern about Hage is the inconsistency of his snaps in the shotgun. That's an issue that players and coaches who battle him head to head my not pay as much attention to and/or care about.

Also, Hage is an outgoing guy who may be socially popular among some of the guys he plays against. And if the way Piercy characterizes Hage in his column has any basis in reality, I wouldn't be shocked if Hage campaigns for himself and trades votes with other players. :wink: