Marwan Gone for the Year

who says hes really that badly injured i seen him walkin fine why this foroum from 2 yrs ago

Thanks for resurrecting a thread from last year, on a night when Hage was injured again, to intentionally mislead the fans who read this site

Learn some manners

Intentionally mislead, or continue a conversation where it had left off last year rather than start a new thread?
It's pretty clear without opening the thread, it was created september Of last year.
Use your brain ( if you have one) !

Are you really that desperate to pat yourself on the back for what you perceive as validation of your earlier hoping for a man's athletic career to end? Why don't you just go down to practice and tell Hage to his face that you think he should retire? I'm sure the two of you can have a thoughtful discussion about it. Maybe mention to him that you were saying the same thing last year. Claaaaaaassy.

Omg. This was simply to see if any opinions on then matter have changed since last time. Some have.
That's it.
With that said, I still feel he should retire. And from reading other posts, some now also think he needs to hang them up.

It's pretty hypocritical of you if you are one of the many who think buck pierce should hang them up.
Go tell him to his face.
Or are you one of the many who thought Jesse Lumsden shoulda quit before he did?
Or, are you one who thinks drew Tate is injured too often to be the stamp's starter?

If you don't want to participate in the discussion, then don't. It's that simple.