Marvin Lewis CotY? What a crock!

I can't believe this clown is coach of the year. What a joke! I know the team was hit by tragedy, and that's sad... but come on! Marvin Lewis is actually a terrible coach! Sure, the Bengals have won two division titles under him... but look at his record: In seven years he's led the Bengals to 56-55-1. Half a game over .500. Watch out! And the Bengals have gone 0-2 in the playoffs under him. Whooo!!! I was reading a blog that said he brought the Bengals back to respectability. Um, what? Only two winning records and no playoff wins is bringing the team back to respectability? No. In fact, people have still been ragging on this team for being mediocre, and constantly signing felons, etc.

What annoys me even more is Jim Caldwell was FOURTH in voting. What??? Caldwell, a ROOKIE head coach, led his team, with MULTIPLE injuries, to a 14-0 start, a division title, and homefield throughout the playoffs!!! But he's fourth in voting, behind Marvin Lewis (a man who defines incompetence), Sean Payton, and Norv Turner.



I was just reading some fan comments, and someone mentioned Wade Philips. He also would've been better than Marvin Lewis. After the Cowboys failed so spectacularly last season, no one gave them a chance this year. How did they respond? By kicking ***, and winning the division. Can anyone honestly say they expected Dallas to take the division? Didn't think so... and not just that, but he led the Cowboys to a playoff win!!! The Cowboys are finally rolling. They're looking like they could be dangerous for a while again... meanwhile, I'm sure the Bengals will fall back to their usual 8-8 record next season. :roll:

I wouldnt give wade philips the time of day. Its a good match, a coach I hate with a team I hate.

I love this comment by a fan...

[i]OBama- Nobel Prize

M Lewis- Coach of the year

What's next? Al Sharpton man of the year[/i]

:lol: :lol: Seems quite a few people agree that Lewis should actually be fired.

To be honest I can agree with it, look what he did, he took a bunch of nobodies this year and took them to the playoffs, beating teams like the Ravens and Steelers when nobody would have expected it. The Bengals are the definition of overcoming adversity as a team, the defensive coordinator's wife dies, the team comes out with one of the best showings yet. Lewis rallied his troops to make better decisions and they followed, for example Cedric Benson came from the running back grave and lit up the league, Chris Henry started out like a monster before being forced out of the lineup, and probably the most stunning was him being able to focus Ocho on playing football, which is no small feat considering that he had been asking for a trade the past few seasons.

You suggested Caldwell, I dont think he really had to do much coaching with the team he had. With Peyton Manning and Co. he was more or less just on for the ride. Same with my coach Sean Payton, the Saints already had a coach on the field in Drew Brees. The only one that you suggest who makes a little sense is Norval Turner, he was able to take a team that struggled at the start, and light a fire under his team to go on a hot streak, I think either him or Lewis were the best choices.

But forget best coaches, i think the discussion should be about worst coaches, Mangini anybody?

How did Lewis get Ochocinco to focus on playing football? I don't buy that at all. Chad has always been a great athlete when the team is winning. As for the wins against the Steelers... eh. Everyone knows the Steelers go through a Super Bowl hangover. It happened after the 2005 SB, and it happened again this year. Will the Bengals be able to sweep the Steelers again next season? I seriously doubt it... In fact, I'll go so far as to say not only will they not repeat as division champs, but they won't have a winning record, either. This year's team reminds me of the 10-6 Cleveland Browns a couple season ago.

Caldwell didn't have much to do? Coming into this season, a lot of people expected the Colts to take a step back. Did they expect them to completely fall apart? No. But a lot of people figured they'd finish with around 10 wins. Caldwell got this team focused, and they rattled off 14 straight victories, and 23 straight dating back to last season. Peyton was playing some of his best football at the start of the season. The defence was playing more aggressively... and they did it without Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez. Not to mention the laundry list of injuries on the defensive side. Oh, and they had one of the worst rushing attacks in the league. Yet they still found ways to win. Not bad for a rookie head coach.

And no mention of Wade Philips? I'd say he deserves a little credit for Romo's late season turn around. In fact, he deserves a hell of a lot more credit for that than Lewis does for getting Ochocinco "focused." :lol:

Well, for the last couple years Ocho has been wanting a trade, skipping meetings and minicamps. Lewis held out on training camp and brought Ocho to his side and they won.
And that last paragraph proves how little sense you make, and really proves my point about Caldwell. Whose fault is it that they had the worst rushing attack in the league? Caldwell must have something to do with that, if he truly were a coach of the year candidate he would have fixed that. Without Peyton's leadership and coach on the field tendency, the Colts would be in a state of disarray.

And as to Wade Phillips, i guess he could be a candidate, i dont follow the Cowboys to really say for sure if he were good or bad, but he did take a serial choke artist team to the playoffs on a hot-streak, before they yet again choked.