Marv Levy Has Written A Novel

For those who are interested:

He still looks and sounds sharp enough to be patrolling the sidelines.

I met him in 2005 at chapters Pointe-Claire when his book ‘where else would you rather be?’ came out. dick irvin was there like he was at trestman’s book signing last may. What was sad was how very few people attended that book signing in 2005. still got a pic of me and him. I’m guessing he’s determined to live as long as it takes to see his beloved Chicago Cubs win the world series. So he’ll be around a while i guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was there also believe it or not. Marv was there with Richard Blais and I remember Dick Irvin and Ian MacDonald of The Gazette each dropping by.

I had him sign the book of course but also my 1977 Grey Cup program. When he flipped through it his comment was "Boy those guys had long hair!".

at the time he actually asked about Serge Amyot and Gaby Gregoire who were duking it out on 110%. Serge Amyot kept dissing the cfl vs. the nfl and marv was actually surprised when i related that to him.

My dad asked him to sum up in a phrase his success, he said: 'Always be honest with your players'.

Go Marv Go