Marty York's Latest Column

This is news? The "explanation" has always been Ronnie's style. Perhaps he should of bought some pizza and a candy pinata for the dressing room and watched Pokeman videos. They lost 29-0 at HOME to fall to 1-6. He could of cut 15 guys on the spot with about as much sweat as the Cats left on the field. The GO train news IS the source for football :roll:

More fuel for the rumour mill.....Kent Austin to Hamilton as head coach?

so who is Marty's little source? My bet is that it's Auggie.

Lancaster is full of himself and the game has passed him by. Looks like Marty touched on a nerve. The way Yeast was cut was just another classless display by Uncle Ronnie. Lamar McGriggs, Duane Butler, Troy Davis were all shown the door by the little dictator, I mean, general.
end of quote

Remember also, when Lancaster landed here he said he let Calvillo go because the kid didn't have what it takes to be a real qb.

His record is in the 500 range - Danny and Darryl had a hot 6 weeks and won us a grey cup - other than that - consistent mediocrity.
Al Bruno was the same, barely 500...

We need to get a Matthews or a Bouno in here, a take charge guy who will not settle for mediocrity, and do whatever needs to be done.