Marty York's Latest Column

Marty is reporting that Doug Flutie will be the offensive co-ordinator in Toronto next year. Got to hand it to Marty most of his predictions are coming true.
At the beginning of the season he picked the Ticats to finish last.

I was going to quote his article and cut him up, but i wont dignify it.

He shows why he cant land the big jobs anymore, no class and no sources.

Actually, I thought he picked the Cats to finish first in the East.

He's seriously just making stuff up at this point.

He's seriously just making stuff up at this point.

If any of that is for real- we're in big trouble! :roll:

Dude has been dropped to writing for the Metro...I think that says enough.

Man, did you read what one TiCat player apparently told him? Not good if this is true, not good at all. But then, it is Marty York we are talking about here.

i hope its true! he dossnt deserve any respect after somthing like that. i would just like to know who said that because they might be my new favourite ticat

That player could be the next one with his head on the chopping block after a comment like that...

well if a player really said that you can bet he isnt the only one that feels that way. and people thought greg didnt get respect :lol:

Oh wow, can things just get any worse around here.


Ottawa franchise drop dead date is September 31???. Yeah like that is going to happen.


Or the player that said it was a player that got cut and is bitter.

na i kinda think the article said a ticat said it not a former ticat.

Whatever Ticat player provided that quote should be cut immediately.
Sorry to be the one to break it to him but the coach is the dictator.
It is a team sport but the buck stops on the coach's desk.
When he tells you to jump - you say how high?
If a player can't commit to that then he's not a professional.
We often say that the offence or the defence need to be on the same page.
What we don't say is that the coach picks the page.
I'd tell that Cat to pack his bags and catch up to Yeast before the bus leaves town.

ya thats probly why he didnt get named in the story. and its not the players we should be cutting unless there part of our o line lol.

Don't forget that Marty has always had an agenda with the Ticats and Ron Lancaster since Lancaster told players not to talk to York after his "creative" CFL stories.
In one of his recent "stories" York was blathering on about some kid who kicked field goals at Argos practice a couple of days ago. Marty said this kid was too good for the CFL and would be going to NFL. What he failed to mention was that this story was planted by Marty's good friend Hank (The Shank) Ilisec. Ilisec also happens to be fronting the kid. Conflict of interest Marty? More likely another conflict of BS.

No, acc to Ted Hellard of Stamps it's Oct. 31 tho announcement will come sooner.

Yes, it's going to happen.

Lancaster is full of himself and the game has passed him by. Looks like Marty touched on a nerve. The way Yeast was cut was just another classless display by Uncle Ronnie. Lamar McGriggs, Duane Butler, Troy Davis were all shown the door by the little dictator, I mean, general.

I think what is telling about what some of the other teams thought of Yeast is that with injuries and others players released in the league nobody seems to be calling him. But then a lot of players on Hamilton are overated IMO.