Marty York's column

I know there are some people who don't like Marty York but I think he writes some good columns. I like the comparison of Lumsden and Payton:

there is no point of comparing both RBs, both are different spectrums of their career, also if Marty knows so much, how come he never goes to the lockeroom to interview players, the guy is a fraud, he is too afraid to face heat and doesnt wanna go in the kitchen, he cant handle the heat, he always has "sources" but for some reason he never reveals their names, also whenever he uses direct quotes, he just copies them from an associated press story from the states, half of articles are just direct quotes from newspaper columnists like sam smith from chicago, or some blgo website fanhouse or deadspin, and majority of his baseball stories are ripped from espn, marty york is a joke, he is trash , 100& pure trash.

I always find York an interesting read.

He provides good food for thought, which the column is meant to do.

I wish I had "His Results" for "MY" PROLINE

But then again, I'd have 6 more wins if I didn't bet with my heart when it comes to the Ticats :lol:

Marty is interesting reading! A real Fan of the CFL too! :thup: