Marty York's '08 Prediction. Congrats Argos!

Given Marty's prediction record, I might as well start celebrating :slight_smile:

Oddsmakers be damned, the Argos will not win the Grey Cup

Toronto tapped as 2.5-1 favourites to take home the big prize.

York Report by Marty York
May 30, 2008 05:00

[i]CFL training camps are opening, which means professional oddsmakers are preparing for the season, as well. And they’ve established the Toronto Argonauts as 2.5-to-1 favourites to capture the Grey Cup.

Then come the B.C. Lions (at 3.5-to-1), the Calgary Stampeders (4.5-to-1), the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5.25-to-1), the Saskatchewan Roughriders (7-to-1), the Edmonton Eskimos (10-to-1), the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10.5-to-1) and the Montreal Alouettes (11-to-1).

• The Argos won’t win (clip and save) because tightlipped Rich Stubler will have a difficult time making the transition from defensive co-ordinator to head coach, because Kerry Joseph is overrated and not nearly the quarterback he is generally perceived to be and because, once Joseph starts slumping, support for Michael Bishop will grow and a divisive QB controversy will plague this team. . .The Ticats will improve significantly because QB Casey Printers is healthy and with the team from the season’s start and because new general manager Bob O’Billovich has recruited some exceptional, underrated talent. . .The Als have been correctly assessed as underdogs by the oddsmakers because QB Anthony Calvillo is on the down side of the hill and because new head coach Marc Trestman has no CFL experience. . .The Riders cannot repeat as champions because they lost their outstanding head coach, Kent Austin, to U.S. college football. . .The Stamps will win the Cup because they will have the CFL’s premier player in QB Henry Burris and because they fired a clueless head coach, Tom Higgins, and replaced him with intelligent, innovative John Hufnagel, a CFL maven who will follow in Austin’s footsteps with first-year head-coaching success and who tutored the likes of QBs Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia and, in the NFL, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.[/i]

What exactly makes oddsmakers think the Argos will win this season? I doubt they have a prayer...

If I were a betting man(I am), I'd love to see Mtl. Vs. Sask in the cup.


I agree with Marty in the East and I think he has the right province in the West. I think 10-1 on the Eskimo's is a great bet, where can I put down a thousand or so.

they prolly have the argos winning the grey cup because they have the best defence, best special teams, top 2 kicker, and league MOP.
if they can post 20 points per game, they win every time.

I think it's because they just signed a bunch of NFLers. That's why they should be "better" than everyone else.

Actually, this time, I am 100% in agreement with Marty on his assessment of the Argos. Don't necessarily agree with all the rest, but on the Argos I think he's bang on.

I'm sorry i just about dropped my laptop when i read Henry Burris is the premier player in our league....when that happens my season tickets are gone because the league will fold

Over the years, Marty York has been hot and cold in his predictions. Since York lives in Ontario, he is better informed about eastern teams but is less knowledgeable about the west. Sportbooks' oddsmakers tend to give looser odds for the CFL than the NFL. In sports gambling, there is no lock and anything can happen. Wise gamblers bet what they can afford to lose.

Always liked ol' Marty...

Seriously, I do agree with him on the Argos. Kerry Joseph is not as good as his stats last year. He had an offensive genius in HC Kent Austin. This year, he has quiet DC Stubler as coach. Seriously, since when do guys suddenly get good at 33 years of age? He overachieved last year cuz of his coach. Stubler is a great defensive coach, but I don't think he has what it takes to make it as a head coach.

Hamilton's improved, will take 3rd in east. Mtl has a rookie head coach. Winnipeg will be solid

If I were doing the odds?

BC Lions:3-1
Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 4-1
Calgary Stampeders: 7-1
Toronto Argonauts:8-1
Edmonton Eskimos: 8.5-1
Saskatchewan Roughriders: 9-1
Hamilton Tiger Cats: 10.5-1
Montreal Alouettes: 12-1

I'd put the Argos, Lions, Bombers as pick'ems.

The Stamps, Riders at 4:1

The Als, Esks at 6:1

The TiCats at 10:1

The Als will not be as bad as the odds makers seem to think. In fact I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them in the thick of the race for first place in the East this year.

this is how i see things as of june 1st. could be different by opening weekend.


( *winnipeg's kicker is inconsistant during reg-season, and will cost them a couple games )

My edge goes to the Lions. Nothing about the season would make me happier then to see a Hamilton playoff birth.

Hey, Fanwithoutateam, does this mean Hamilton is now your favourite team??


Well I do need a substitute until the day Ottawa decides to do something about a stadium.

As we get closer to opening day, things start to become a little clearer around certain teams. With that in mind some adjustments are in order.

In the West, BC looked like a solid bet but I have to think that Jones and Huff in Calgary are putting the finishing touches on that group. I think Calgary is going to take top spot in the West with BC a solid second and the Riders and Esks bringing up the rear.

In the East, I see Winnipeg having no problem finishing first. Toronto should be a solid second with the Als and then the TiCats in the rear.

I think we are going to have a Winnipeg v Calgary GC in Montreal (shudder the thought Quebecors) with Milt getting his revenge for 2001.

I think Lions as well to be honest. The Argos are in for a huge transition year going from someone like Pinner to Stubler, too much of a change for players to adapt right away.

the only way of toronto being in the grey cup is every team in the east loses their starting team the Lions will win the grey cup as long as the league has remedied the problematic officialing

I didn't realise that only the lions had to deal with the officiating

I love it when people whine about the officiating prior to a down being played.

The fact is the Lions lost because they were outplayed and officiating had nothing to do with it.