Marty York

Marty is writing on the CFL for this website:

There’s also a CFL fantasy game. . . for those who might be interested.

Total Wacko !! This week he's got Hamilton beating Montreal and Saskatchewan beating BC :o

As for Pierce being best player in the east this year ... you betcha !! :thup: (OK I'm just kidding on that one ... but I can't wait to see Buck's final numbers for this season.)

No he doesn't. Look closely. . . he doesn't say Hamilton will beat Montreal, just that they will cover the spread. Same thing for Saskatchewan vs. BC.

Ah okay ... sorry about that 8)

I missed Marty. He's entertaining and sometimes right.

...this thing is right more often than Marty

HAHAHA!!!... agreed. I still remember a column he did for one of those "Metro" papers back in '05 i think it was... just two years after Buono traded Damon Allen for 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. York said his "sources" were telling him that Buono was going to trade Dickenson for Allen and that it was practically a done deal. I caught a lot of the other people on the bus off guard when i burst out in laughter. :lol:


At least he has passion for our game, which means alot.

But when Marty's wrong he's a lot more amusing. :smiley:

In fairness to numbnhuts,he's taking the spread, not picking them as winners. Good luck to him, he had a harder time finding a job than Tillman :cowboy:

what's the spread for the B.C. Sask game? 25? :lol:

This guy is clueless.

no wonder he's on a website that hardly anyone knows about.

why isn't he writing on a mainstream website?

because nobody wants to hire the loser.

the fact he believes Durant's best days are behind him and that he'll sign in another City next season is outrageously laughable all by itself.

I don't take a single thing he says seriously, EVER!

Ah Marty York, the CFL's version of Eklund (those who follow the NHL know where I'm going with this).
This guy just keeps sinking to lower depths...

This fool is still around?