Marty York scoops McMahon

Marty is already saying Kent Austin is going to be the next coach of the Riders.

Where were you on that one McMahon?

Sheesh, give him time Horus. Marty has to post the story first with Metro news before he posts it here under his alter ego...McMahon.

That wouldn’t be too bright. NO one in saskatchewan likes austin. During a pep rally, before the game in which austin was making his return, people donated money to smash a car with a sledgehammer, with austin’s name and # on it.
They have a brilliant offensive coordinator in Cortez.

Exactly, Cortez would be the obvious choice!

You know, though, the funny thing is that when we named the parking lots around Mosaic after old players, the Austin lot was the one closest to the stadium. . .

I do know that my dad wasn't impressed, though.
Grudges are never forgot in Saskatchewan. . .